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Marketing Foundations Workshop

Know what to do and when

To help you be clear about the next marketing step for your firm, start with foundations. This one-to-one workshop will protect you from deciding too quickly on a big project (and changing your mind). It also helps confirm what the next project is, and what will make sure it’s a success.


You’ll work with two PF team members in a series of five sessions. Together you’ll talk about who your firm is and who you serve, and make sure your marketing delivers what they need. (You also get some practical deliverables you can read about below.)


Know where to start (and why)

The five sessions you’ll work through, one to one, with the PF team are: 

Goals: For yourself & for the firm

Yes, marketing must deliver results. But based on what? Marketing isn’t just about “getting more leads”. In this session, you’ll share your personal goals and those for the firm, so together we can review them and identify what area of marketing will best support those.

Brand: the story your marketing is telling

Core to all your marketing is brand. Together we’ll review your values, who you are and who you serve. We’ll also look at your logo, firm name, images, colours, and messaging, and talk about what story your brand is telling prospects. Does it cause them to hesitate, or hurry up?

Website: your client’s journey

Now we know the people you serve and the story you want them to know, together we talk about the order you want your clients to follow when they first make contact. What do you want them to know first, to do first? What next? We’ll build a custom structure and identify the pages your site needs (or needs to update)

Plan: A list of prioritised marketing actions (with detail)

In this session you share what you’ve tried so far in marketing, what did (or didn’t) work, and what you are experimenting with now. Your deliverable is a detailed action plan, listed in priority order to match those goals you shared in session one.

Decision: What next? 

You have a detailed Compass report sharing who you are, who you serve, how your website will walk visitors through this journey, and all the marketing you’d like to do. Now it’s time to decide who does what. Will you do it all? Work on it with help from PF? Outsource some of it to PF on a monthly basis? Start with a brand or website project? It’s entirely your decision, and everything you’ve received is yours to keep and use.

Here's what you get

Your goals documented: personal, hiring/team, financial, clients, systems and marketing

Your brand story: a detailed summary of your ideal audience’s character, desires, barriers and your purpose as their guide

Core website structure: crafted by our content team, based on your goals and brand story, you can use your custom 5-page core structure to build your firm’s website

Detailed marketing plan: identify your top 5 top priorities and we’ll build you a full list of actions you can work through to work through in your marketing, including actions for your brand, website, blogs, social media, webinars, workshops, events….

A timeline for your priorities: a visual summary of how all your marketing fits into the next year: how long each item will take and who will be responsible for it

Kind words from PF clients

I’m honestly blown away by how useful the Foundations workshop has been, especially the end product! It’s literally like someone has plugged into my brain and downloaded all the relevant data to my life, business and clients, and then organised it into a tidy database of tasks, timelines and summaries.
The workshop I think would be mega helpful for anyone but especially for someone like me who suffers from chronic archaic ideas… top-level stuff, I think this goes beyond marketing as it’s a hard skill to gently extract these sorts of things from people.
Each session has been a great experience too, I’ve been consumed in thought about what sort of a business/life I want, and why. Something we all should all try to re-align with often.

Max McHugh
Max McHugh

Founder, Ocelot Accounting

The workshop is so much more than just ‘marketing’. When you start digging into your values and your reasons why you do what you do, it manifests itself in how you communicate with prospects and clients. I needed to communicate how strong the community is where I’m from and so because the PF team aren’t from here, I thought they perhaps wouldn’t get just how strong it is but they totally did. It takes a special kind of marketing agency to be able to do that: to really get under your skin. 

If I hadn’t done the workshop, I’d still be coasting along with no real sense of values, culture or have a brand and a website that reflects what I’m putting out there. It’s given me a sense of who my ideal client is (and isn’t), my values and culture I want to instil when I have a team who are living and breathing my brand which I now do on a daily basis. 

It was business changing and life changing, because they’re so intertwined.

Karen Kennedy
Karen Kennedy

Founder, Kennedy Accountancy

Get on the waiting list now

There is currently a 8-10 week waiting list for all workshops, so get on the list sooner rather than later! As soon as your workshop fee (or deposit) is paid, we’ll let you know where you are on the list and the earliest date for your first session.

You’ll get some preparation questionnaires and homework to do, so your waiting time is used well.

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