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Marketing Foundations Workshop

Get your marketing to support your goals

When you want great marketing, the place to start is with the four foundational elements: Goals, Branding, Website, and Plan. 


Of all the services we offer, this one gets you moving faster and with more focus than any other.


Through a series of five focused, personal online sessions with two of our Client Marketing Managers, you’ll take all your ideas and thoughts and plans, and get them documented in a specific plan. (You’ll also get some very practical deliverables which you can read about below.)


Identify your marketing priority

Before you step up your marketing in any way, the Foundations Workshop helps you see clearly where you are now, and what is best for your firm based on your goals. This is usually held in person, although it may be online, depending on your firm’s location.

Business & Marketing Goals:

Your marketing MUST deliver results: but what results? What is it you really want to achieve as a firm, and what are those numbers? How will marketing support that? We’ll review together the firm’s goals, so we can explore the marketing focus areas to support it.

Brand: Message and visuals

How well is your brand reflecting who you are and what you stand for? We’ll review your values, who you are and who you serve, as well as your logo, firm name, and  messaging. This is core to every part of marketing to come.

Website: Structure & changes

Based on your business and marketing goals, and the brand you want to reflect, what changes will need to be made to your website? We’ll explore your buyer journey and talk about how your website guides visitors through it. 

Plan: Detailed marketing actions, prioritised

We’ll review what you’ve tried so far in marketing, what is (or isn’t) working, and what you’d love to try doing. Deliverable is a detailed action plan, organised in priority order.

Decision: What now? 

From the four sessions, you’ll get an action list and the core marketing areas you need to focus on to support your business goals. You’ll have clarity on what to do first and what to do next, and can decide who’s doing what (us, you, your team).

Here's what you get

Kind words from PF clients

“We have always been prepared to take a risk on new technology. When you take risk and are first to market with a new way to do something for your clients, this gives you massive competitive advantage. Every accountant has a few clients that will be happy to be your guinea pigs or testing ground. Explain to them what you’re trying and why, and invite them to be part of the risk.”

Will Farnell
Will Farnell

Farnell Clarke Ltd

When I was asked at the Xero Roadshow about marketing, the first thing I thought of was the Content Marketer programme from PF. I think I actually used the term “game changer”, which doesn’t sound like me, but it is true! This programme gave me the skills to do some of the marketing myself, but it’s also a process. It helps you focus on who you are as a firm, and who you want to be. Who are your clients? What are their real needs? If you speak to a client, they don’t want accounts. They don’t want a tax return. They want advice, help, and support. This programme will help you figure out how to integrate this into your marketing. If you haven’t yet, sign up!

Jonathan Bareham
Jonathan Bareham


Get on the waiting list now

There is currently a 4-8 week waiting list for all workshops, so get on the list sooner rather than later! As soon as your workshop fee (or deposit) is paid, we’ll let you know where you are on the list and the earliest date for your first session.

You’ll get some preparation questionnaires and homework to do, so your waiting time is used well.

Our newest PF team member is here! Amy has joined us as our UK Assistant Client Marketing Manager. Feel free to say hello 👋

test Twitter Media - Our newest PF team member is here! Amy has joined us as our UK Assistant Client Marketing Manager. 

Feel free to say hello 👋