How do I know if Foundations is right for me?

If you’re at all questioning whether your brand or website (or both) truly reflects you, your firm and the clients you want to work with, then Foundations is for you. You want your marketing to be sending the right messages to the right people so you can build the best firm for you. By starting with your goals session and moving onto your brand and website, you’ll start to get clarity on how to craft your marketing so it appeals to only those clients you love working with which will help you work towards both your personal and business goals.

How long will the workshop take to complete?

Your sessions will take around 10 weeks to complete in total. This includes your onboarding session, your four core sessions (Goals, Brand, Website, Plan) and your review and decision session. You’ll have one session every 2 weeks.

What do I get?

You’ll get a custom plan for your firm’s marketing and direction on what the next best step for you based on your goals and where your firm is at the moment. Here’s a full summary of all the deliverables:

  • Your goals documented: personal, hiring/team, financial, clients, systems and marketing
  • Your brand story in detail: a detailed summary of your ideal audience’s character, desires, barriers and your purpose as their guide
  • Core website structure: crafted by our content team, based on your goals and brand story, you can use your custom 5-page core structure to build your firm’s website
  • Detailed marketing plan: based on your top 5 top priorities, a full list of actions you can work through to work through in your marketing, including actions for your brand, website, blogs, social media, webinars, workshops, events….
  • Timeline for your priorities: a visual summary of how all your marketing fits into the next year: how long each item will take and who will be responsible for it

You can learn more about each of these in this video from Ash.

Booking Foundations also includes…

– Five individual sessions (each 1.5 hours) with two expert PF team members
– Additional support from the PF creative team (involved in your sessions as needed)
– Dedicated Client Marketing Manager (CMM)
– Private Slack community for your firm
– Personal Foundations workbook in Gsheet format
– Homework questions & “to think about” sections to complete
– Free copy & first access to Karen’s upcoming book “Accountant Marketer”

Can I move through the workshop quicker?

For accountants at “Mastery” level (a larger firm, more complexity, and a proven track record of taking action quickly), you have the option of doing 1 session per week. This requires you to complete your homework on deadline each time, and show up for all sessions. If any of these deadlines aren’t kept, we’ll move your sessions to every other week.

Although it seems appealing to do these sessions quickly, we don’t recommend this. The feedback from clients who have completed it is you need time in between sessions to process everything you’ve gone through in the session and to do your homework. This is why Foundations is crafted to leave 2 weeks between each session.

What do I need to commit to from my side?

You will be given homework at the end of each session and you do need to complete it ahead of your next session. Homework typically involves reading 2-3 blogs and recording 3-5 videos to share your thoughts on anything we need to know ahead of the session. This means we can use the 1.5 hours in the actual session to dig deeper into the content you’ve shared with us and you’ll get more out of the sessions.

What happens if I don't do my homework?

Your upcoming session will be rescheduled and your Foundations will take you longer to complete.

I need a new website. Can I skip straight to that session?

Skipping sessions doesn’t actually help you get what you want (for example, a new brand or website) faster.  Before we can help design the visuals of a brand which fully reflects your firm, we need to understand your firm’s values, who you work with, the process you follow, and the goals you have.

Before we can write content and design your website, we need to first understand your client journey and how you want a prospect to move through your website. This is why you need ALL sessions of Foundations, whether your next step is a website build or a rebrand or something else!

Going through all the Foundations sessions also protects you from signing up to a project at the wrong time. You may be convinced a new website is what you need, but there may be branding or content work which needs done first. Together we’ll agree what you most want and need, and all the sessions together show you that.

How much does it cost?

£3,995+VAT and you can either pay it all at once, or break it up into milestone payments.

How do I sign up?

All your questions answered?


Spend 5-10 minutes filling in our diagnostic form so you can share a little about you, your firm, and where you are in your marketing journey.