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SEO Healthcheck

Get the full SEO picture!

You want to get your firm in front of as many eyes as possible, and maximise exposure (and search results) for your website.


Get a custom review of your website with specific actions that will help you find and fix on-site issues and boost SEO optimisation.


Early bird pricing: £795 + VAT (one-off)

What's included?

We will do a complete review of your site and deliver a PDF report that provides an in-depth analysis of your current SEO position, as well as identifying on-site issues and where you can boost SEO optimisation.

This report includes:

– On-site & off-page analysis: Everything to do with the technical side of your website, from site speed to meta data, back-links and quality.

– Keywords: An analysis of keywords, as well as a look at the top keywords for your site in organic searches.

– Technical errors: We’ll create a list of suggestions for technical fixes, based on our checks for broken & toxic links, technical errors and more.

Education to steer you in the right direction

Some of this terminology may be as clear as mud to you right now.

Not to worry: part of your  SEO health check is a report presented to you via Zoom, alongside an explainer document. You can ask questions, get explanations, see how it works for your firm.

You’ll learn how SEO works for your firm and how  content, links, social media and more are fit together so you have the most successful marketing (and more people find your website!).

Quick wins & long-term actions

Once you’ve got your report, you’ll have a set of actions you can take to improve your website’s SEO going forward. These will be:

– Quick wins: What can you do immediately? What will generate results fast?

– Short term improvements: These will be edits to make to your site in the short-term to have lasting results

– Long term improvements: These will be wider campaigns and projects to work on that will help you continue to improve your site over time.

On-demand SEO support available

We’ll be honest… some of the work to your site following your health check may be beyond the realms of what you can work on yourself!

You want to know a little, but you don’t want to spending hours learning this. We’ve solved that problem.

Any technical SEO support and web development you need based on the outcome of your report, we can provide. The health check doesn’t include actioning any items, so we would discuss and quote for any web development work you may need.

It will always be your decision how much you decide to get done, and how quickly.

What's next?

Following your starting point of the health check and the quick wins, you can also get monthly SEO support so you don’t lose ground.

We’re currently finalising  monthly SEO packages which will give you the  organic growth you are looking for. This includes on-page optimisation, backlinks and other rank building activities.

Launching late 2019 

How long does the healthcheck take?

Once you sign up, the whole process (from generating the report to delivering it to you virtually) takes approximately 2 weeks.


We’ll book the follow up call as soon as the report is ready, subject to your calendar availability of course!

Get clarity about what you need to change with your website

SEO is a perfect way of supporting your amazing marketing.


Use this report to get clarity about how you can improve your website’s SEO immediately and over the long-term!