Vitor Candido

Vitor Candido

Marketing Coordinator


I’m Vitor, a Brazilian guy from a small town in São Paulo. My life took a crazy turn when I met a guy on Tinder seven years ago – I sold everything, moved to Argentina for a couple of years, and ended up in London with a husband and a dog named Torrada, now Toast. I’m basically that cousin who lives abroad and leads a nomadic life (and nobody really knows what he does for a living – sorry, mum!).

I discovered my passion for advertising and marketing at a young age, having worked at an advertising agency during high school when I was 14. That high school was a boarding school, where I almost became a pastor.. but that’s a story for another day. This formative experience led me to study advertising later in life, after being lost for two years in law school.

Since 2015, I’ve been working in marketing and thoroughly loving the impact it can have on small businesses and people’s lives. I believe that each company is unique and requires tailored marketing solutions. Finding creative and unique paths to communicate is where my creativity shines. I’m excited to help awesome accountants and bookkeepers get to know PF, build genuine relationships and find their creativity!

When I’m not working, you’ll find me hopping on low-cost flights or trains with my partner and dog. I love exploring new countries and attempting to learn new languages so I can actually know what I’m eating when travelling (not always successful, though). The rest of the time, I’m indulging in the incredible culinary scene of this amazing city I now call home: London.

My personal pillars are:

My two core life values are Uniqueness and Gratitude.

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