We’re running a short mini-training on Instagram for accountants who want to understand 1) whether it’s the right platform to use and 2) how to use it well, if so!

This will run over 2 Zoom sessions, with live coaching in a group format. We’ll share a few principles and take time to review what could work for you and your firm.

We’ll cover:

  • Personal account or branded/firm account?
  • What do you post? What if you don’t have a picture to share?
  • How to share links (since you can’t share them in posts)
  • Difference between Stories, Reels, and Posts (and how to use them)
  • Using insta to practice with video
  • Tracking your marketing analytics (including Insta)
  • …and literally anything else you want to ask!


Cost: £99+VAT per person for Accelerator members.

Timing: Thursday 10th & 17th December at 4pm UK time

If you are THINKING of using insta but aren’t sure, still join us – because this will answer your question as to whether it’s the right fit.