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Co-pilot and tracking

Monthly marketing tracking, direction & accountability

Doing all this great content and marketing is amazing, but what are you actually getting? Which are the very best decisions? If you’re not tracking your marketing numbers on a monthly basis – or are only looking at sales and leads – you’re missing the whole picture. And your marketing decisions will suffer.


Co-pilot and Tracking is like your monthly management accounts for your clients….but it’s focused on YOUR marketing numbers! You see your numbers, but most importantly get help to interpret them and make strategic marketing decisions that deliver better results every time.




What's included?

Track the numbers…and also review them with us to make the very best decisions about what to do next, and in what order. Includes:

– Monthly custom marketing analytics report (including goals and targets)

– Identification of the numbers to track

– Set up of: Tracking GSheet, your Google Analytics Account, Google Console Account, Tag Manager & Custom Goal Conversions

– Overview video from your Client Marketing Manager (CMM) in advance of call

– Monthly review call with CMM

– Support on ideas, marketing questions, opportunities, content, etc!

– Dedicated slack channel (optional)

You will get accountability and support throughout the 12 months you’re committing to. Currently available to those on a monthly retainer with PF, or graduates of the Accelerator/Mastery programme. 

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Your Custom Co-Pilot Report

Get a beautiful custom report showing you YOUR marketing numbers. We’ll have slides with numbers for your website traffic and interaction, your social media channel followers, engagement and top posts, your proposals and sales and top actions to take based on those numbers.

Don't just take our word for it...

Hear from Avalon Accounting how the co-pilot and tracking has helped them!


“The accountability from the PF monthly call helps us focus on what to work on, with the confidence that we’re doing the right things and on the right track! That was always a big worry for us.” Joe Collins, Avalon

Need the full marketing action plan?

Co-pilot & tracking is a smaller part of the greater picture – the overall Marketing Map which reflects the journey undergone by the very best accountants. Those who are getting high quality leads, on a drip feed, day after day….and almost not knowing where they come from! (Except of course they do know, because they’ve got the tracking. See how it all works?)

Review the map to make sure your marketing is going the right direction.