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Workshop waiting list

What’s the foundations workshop?

Every workshop is a custom, one-on-one deep review with our team and your firm. They are delivered by two of our Client Marketing Managers, and are comprised of consecutive sessions on Zoom (each 1.5 hours). There will be 1-2 weeks between each session, so most workshops are fully completed over a 6-8 week period.

Workshops operate on a waiting list. WE ARE CURRENTLY FULL UNTIL JANUARY 2021. Paying in full puts you at the top of the waiting list, with a first workshop session in 2021. Paying a deposit means you will be contacted about when the first available session is (after we’ve accommodated those at the top of the list). And no deposit means we know you’re interested, and we can notify you when more spaces become available.

As soon as you pay your initial fee (deposit or full fee), we’ll arrange an onboarding call and give you some homework to do so you can use your waiting time well!


In person workshops are currently not available. We look forward to be able to do these again soon, as we love meeting our clients in person!