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Walji and Co.

Unique customised texted for each client/project.


Following a brand refresh, Reza realised he needed his website to be modernised, matching his new brand. He couldn’t edit his existing website himself, and Reza was becoming aware his clients and prospects didn’t care for the generic content and tax tables.

With a changing business model and his niche areas identified, we set about overhauling his website. We agreed the website needed to be simple enough to edit, so Reza decided to go with Rocketspark and we started work on a website transfer.

Overhauling the home page

Reza had some unique focus areas already identified, which were tax planning, and helping clients transform their profits. He’d also already spent time working on an eBook for each niche area.

The business model for the firm had changed significantly. Their service offering was now based around the “full finance function”, with Reza’s clients coming to Walji as alternative to an in-house bookkeeper.

None of this was highlighted on their old site, so we restrategised the homepage to ensure that it featured these areas.

Initially, we structured the home page of Reza’s new site so that the focus would be on the knowledge before the service. For example, we promoted Reza’s guide on “Transforming profits through price” before talking about his profits growth service..

When we delivered this version of the homepage, it still felt like something was missing. Reza loved the new design but the overall theme of the new page wasn’t quite there, which led us to a new discussion.

The client journey

Reza’s clients went on a journey when working with Walji and Co. They started with the bookkeeping function, then began looking at tax planning, and then finally went on to work on their pricing and profits.

This powerful message needed to be showcased on the new homepage, so we made some tweaks so the new design reflected this client journey. This had the added benefit that Reza’s prospects would relate to it, and know what they were getting before they got in touch.

We also added in a section that described the ethos of Walji and Co. Reza was keen to show how he and his team go above and beyond, with everything from a Costa Coffee menu to a personalised parking space for his clients. We made sure to make this section front and centre, so Reza’s ideal clients would see it and think “yes, that’s who I want to work with.”

The final piece

Once we had finalised the layout and design on the new home page, the final element was the header image and message.

This was the difficult piece and was the subject of many meetings with Reza. We toyed with idea of having something abstract and symbolic, such as a plant to symbolise growth. However, none of the images were hitting the mark.

What we eventually settled on was the quote “Anything that is measured and watched, improves.” We identified that this quote was on the wall in the Walji offices: so we knew it was important, and relevant. We created an image that symbolised watching and measuring different metrics.

The end result is a fresh and updated design matching Reza’s refreshed brand, showcasing powerful messages for prospective clients and the journey they take when working with Walji and Co. Reza’s thoughts on the entire process were:

“From start to finish it was a pleasure working with PF to build our new site. Nothing was too much trouble. Their insight into what works and doesn’t work when it comes to website development was invaluable. We are delighted with the end result.”

Next comes refreshing the transferred pages, and we’re thrilled to see Reza setting time aside to write a blog each week. It’s great to see our clients embracing the “They Ask, You Answer” concept and putting it into practice. Great job Reza!