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Rarely do we meet a firm of accountants as pioneering as Farnell Clarke! As one of the early cloud adopters, Will Farnell had shaped a firm that truly were innovative and tech focused, and had the track record and the experience to prove it.

Their original website wasn’t terrible. It had bright colours, a fresh font, and a new brand. But the content wasn’t unique enough. Farnell Clarke wanted their message, their passion, their enthusiasm to come across on the site.

What was different about this project was the fact that Farnell Clarke already had a website developer who understood their firm well and was familiar with their journey. So instead of a full website design & build, we focused on the strategic element of the firm, and crafted a process specific to them. This involved a:

Customer Journey strategy meeting

We travelled down to Norwich, and spent the day with the Farnell Clarke team discussing what made them stand out, how they worked with their clients, the awards they had won, and the way they worked with accountants as well as business owners.

We were in awe at how they were shaking up the accountancy world. No suits, plenty of banter, even an on-site bar and pool table – Farnell Clarke had definitely crafted an image that was of a more human and more customer friendly business. (We enjoyed a pint and a few games of pool once the brainstorming was done!)

Homepage wireframe & site structure

After copious amounts of coffee, note taking and laughter, we went away with a clear idea of how their new site should look.

We drafted a wireframe of their new homepage, encompassing their niche areas, their tech focus, their ability to help other accountants and above all else, their pub! We ALSO prepared a site structure for the new site, so they could work with their developers to begin shaping the rest of the site.

The result

We continued to be available for feedback during the development process, giving our opinion on mock-ups and new pages.

The end result is a fresh looking website that highlights Farnell Clarke’s uniqueness and how “doing different” has been a core focus since day one. It also features their amazing new client delivery system which they will soon be whitelabeling for other accountants to use. Great work Farnell Clarke!

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