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Website workshop

Take your website in the right direction

If you’re not sure yet which direction you want to go with your website, start here. We’ll chat about whether you need a refresh, a new build, or something else.

Get the experts' opinion

Before you move to a major website project of any kind, start by reviewing where you’re at and what you really need. Your workshop fee includes:

Get feedback on your existing website

If you have a site, we’ll look it over and get familiar with what you’ve got, so we can make recommendations. (This is not a full website review, but we’ll let you know what you’re doing well and where you can improve, and suggest what you can do next to get things moving.)

Online strategy sessions

We’ll have 2 full online sessions (1.5 hours each) which gives us plenty of time to work through your marketing plans, and how your website fits into those. We’ll go through your existing site (if you have one) and talk about what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t have a site, we’ll focus on what you wish your site would have! We’ll then have a third session (1 hour) to share your final report & confirm what you’ll do with it.

Discuss website platform options

WordPress? RocksetSpark? Squarespace? Something else? It can feel confusing: but we’ll talk about the differences and which website platform would best fit your audience and your ongoing needs.

Ask anything about websites

What content do you need? Do you have a niche audience? How can you make your pages better? What about SEO or being first on Google? We’ll answer your questions.

Oh, and remember....

Your full workshop fees can afterwards be applied to a website project

If at the end of your workshop you decide to go ahead with a new website project with PF, you can apply the entirety of the workshop fees to your website project.

If you choose not to go ahead afterwards, you’ll still have gotten value from the session.

The waiting period is currently 4-8 weeks, so get on the waiting list now (you can pay a deposit or the full workshop amount to be at the top of the list).

Feedback from previous workshops

Thanks so much for your help with our social media questions. It totally makes sense what you suggest and it makes me excited to have the conversation with the team.
If I haven’t told you this before, you guys are great. You really know how to pay it forward

Kim Wreath
Kim Wreath

Marketing Coordinator

We had ventured down this road about 18 months ago, tried to do it “cheaper”, with the slow-burn approach. The other agency didn’t really get what we wanted. This time around, we decided to go all in – brand, logo, website, CRM systems, content. In terms of our personalities, a slow-burn approach meant losing focus and impetus, and following through to the end wouldn’t happen. A more intense implementation just made more sense.

Shane Prinsloo
Shane Prinsloo

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Get clarity on your website so you can get moving with all the rest of your marketing!

Many accountants are using @canva to design images for social media & marketing – here's how to use Canva better!… Marketing tip by @PF_chryzia who does all the designs for PF and our clients!

test Twitter Media - Many accountants are using @canva to design images for social media & marketing – here's how to use Canva better! 

Marketing tip by @PF_chryzia who does all the designs for PF and our clients!

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