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Website Build Milestones

How does it work?

Here’s the journey to your newly designed website!
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Site Structure & Homepage
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Whole Site
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  • Accept the quote
  • First payment taken (40%)
  • You complete diagnostics
  • Send us logins, logo guidelines & company Ts&Cs
  • Strategy call held (website goals, key messages, target audience)
  • PF completes the site layout (main menu items & page structure)
  • PF designs the Homepage Mockup
  • Homepage & Site Layout shared for your review
  • Second payment taken (30%)
  • 2nd Call is held (to go through Homepage and Site Layout)
  • Any changes to homepage & site layout are done (2 rounds of revisions only)
  • PF designs and builds the remainder of the web pages (according to the approved site layout)
  • You receive a link to the full site for review
  • 3rd Call is held (to discuss the full site and any changes needed)
  • PF makes the changes & preps for final review
  • Third and final payment taken (30%)
  • Last Call is held (to discuss site launch date, hosting, SSL certificate, domain details)
  • PF add analytics code (to each page & installs all necessary plugins, SSL Certificate, sort hosting & domain move)
  • Final testing is done (on all major browsers, mobile, forms, link, buttons)
  • Site is LAUNCHED!
  • PF retests & fixes any issues (that take place upon launch)
  • You receive customised Style, TOV & Image sheets
  • Optional Launch pack (emailer, blog, social posts, imagery, SWAG)
  • Optional Packages (Daily Social, Monthly Marketing, Website Maintenance)