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Website Management packages

What's included and why you may need it

If you’re on an outsourced marketing package – meaning we’ll be creating custom content and design for you on a monthly basis – then bolting on website management makes perfect sense. It means that we’ll have access to your website so we can post blogs, source imagery, deal with SEO, make little website edits, and anything you need.


We’ve the most effective and useful option for you the accountant is a flat, unlimited WordPress maintenance fee, per month.

Unlimited Wordpress support package

Fee: £495+VAT per month

This bolt-on allows for unlimited WordPress website management tasks, such as blog posting, small wording changes, content edits, etc.

How your tasks get actioned

For non-urgent tasks we schedule these in with our development team and will complete them in bulk once a week, faster if we can.  If you suddenly have urgent tasks we’ll prioritise these and non-urgent tasks will be pushed back. If we can’t get your urgent task completed due to complications or custom coding to be done, we’ll let you know.

Custom development work

If we find you need custom coding or development work (editing your CSS style sheets, writing HTML code content, etc), this may be outside the scope of what’s considered “typical updates”. There could be additional fees for the custom development time, but there’s often a workaround available. We’ll always notify you of this so you have a choice. If work piles up in a particular month, we may prioritise the actions in order of importance and urgency, and move some less-critical actions to the following month to spread out the work.

Need more than maintenance?

If you need a new or refreshed website, we can help with that too.

Core WordPress site
from £3k
Custom WordPress site
from 10k