Website developer

Website Developer

This is an amazing opportunity for someone who knows WordPress and knows how websites work (and why!).

You will be the head website developer for all our website projects – this includes everything from simple 3-5 page builds to full custom builds.

What’s in it for you

  • Remote based role – work from anywhere as long as you have internet!
  • Flexibility of working times (you may need to adapt your working schedule to fit our global teams at times)
  • An amazing team to support you: people who love what they do, love this company, and care for each other!
  • Stretch yourself creatively: we’ll help you focus on doing the things you love best
  • Opportunity to travel to far flung places (ok well not right now but when travel resumes)

Here’s who you need to be:

  • Strategically minded: You don’t simply build what the designers provide – you think about things from a buyer’s perspective and how websites work
  • WordPress expert: You know WordPress, in and out, and you’ve got years of experience with it
  • Self starter: You’re motivated by the work you do, not an office or other people
  • Deadline master: You know how to work to deadline and will honour your team’s time and planning
  • Willing to teach: You’re confident in your understanding of how websites work, and can explain to clients (who may not be as familiar with your terminology) why we’re building it in this way
  • Patience: You understand not everyone knows what you do. You can talk in plain English, not tech-speak
  • You’re comfortable with video – presenting, recording, introducing webinars, announcing things
  • Experience working on a remote basis (you have to know you like it)

This may be you:

You’ve either been working on your own for a while, and are a little weary of all the hard work that goes into finding clients and admin and invoicing and payments. OR, you’re part of an agency right now but you’re not getting to do your best work – plus, everything feels like work. You’d like to love what you do again, and a strong creative team to support you and listen to you, and the freedom of being able to switch off sometimes. To know ultimately everything doesn’t fall on your shoulders.

What you get to do:

  • Create, build, and fix WordPress websites. We work exclusively with accountants, so you get to craft beautiful new websites for people whose site is ugly, tired, broken, boring, or nonexistent.
  • See the whole picture. You’re the website developer, but you’re involved in the project from “I might want a new site” to “Oh my word I love it!” – and beyond. (Most of our clients move to a website maintenance retainer with us, once the site is built.)
  • WordPress work. We only build our clients’ websites on WordPress now, so you must know it inside and out.
  • Problem solving. If something isn’t working on a client’s website, you’ll figure out why, and what needs fixed, and will be able to fix it
  • Management and maintenance. Plugins and integrations and apps and updating pages and SEO and fixing anything that’s broken
  • Work with a team. You’re not on your own: you’ll have designers and content writers and Client Marketing Managers (CMMs) and an entire team to support you and throw around ideas and discuss what works and doesn’t.

Critical skills:

  • At least 3 years’ experience working with WordPress (theme and custom builds)
  • A solid portfolio of websites you have built (and/or designed, if applicable)
  • Experience in both front-end and back-end development
  • Familiarity and experience with the latest and best in websites
  • Understanding of how good design works with the user experience


This is a full time role. No outsourcers or freelancers will be considered. We want someone to be fully integrated as part of the PF team.


The role is based remotely. You can work from wherever you want, as long as you have solid internet access and can jump on Slack or Zoom video calls at any time. We consider this a UK based role as around 60% of our clients in the UK (rest are worldwide), as in the past we’ve found there can be a time zone issue in order to be available for client meetings and team meets and urgent projects. HOWEVER, that being said (now more than ever), we want the right person first and time zones will work themselves out. Particularly for the website developer role. So, if it sounds like it could be the kind of work you enjoy and are good at, submit away! You could even mention in your video how you envisage working within the global time zones.

Location restrictions permitting, you’ll be expected to travel to clients’ premises for workshops and events, with other PF team members. You’ll also attend at least one annual team retreat, in a location which may be outwith the UK.

Salary & bonuses

We have confirmed our salary ranges are consistent with the average across all creative agencies across the UK. Of primary importance is your decision about whether this is the company for you. We pay team bonuses when company wide and departmental targets are reached (usually at least once, and at times more often during the financial year), and you have access to an equipment fund and mental health support fund.

The starting salary range for our website & development roles is between £35k – £50k, depending on experience and qualifications.

What we’re like

  • A mix of creative, digital, and geeky humans
  • Mostly Apple users (iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs abound)
  • Flexible. Things change all the time, so we just go with it.
  • Virtual. We used to have offices in Manchester, but now we’re fully remote. We are fans of working from home (or wherever)
  • Honest. We don’t cut corners, we won’t lie, and we won’t ask you to (or approve if you do it).
  • Human. We make mistakes from time to time, and when we do, we admit it.
  • Servants. We love to serve. We’re passionate about helping our clients, and we want them happy.


Record a 3 minute video and send it to [email protected].

You can also connect with the PF team on all the socials – all the links are in the footer of the PF site!

Examples of our work

These are some of the projects we’ve completed for accountants so far.

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