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PF Marketing Manager (UK)

The Profitable Firm looks forward to bringing on an enthusiastic, organised Marketing Manager!

(This role is within the UK. If you’re not in the UK, check out our other roles.)

Your responsibility will be for all the marketing going out for PF itself. Because we’re a creative agency, we show by example how marketing is done, and done well. You get to be in charge of that process!

What’s in it for you

  • Remote based role – work from wherever you want as long as you have internet!
  • Opportunity to travel to far flung places in the UK (like London and Manchester and Edinburgh)
  • An amazing team to support you: people who love what they do, love this company, and care for each other!
  • Training in all areas of marketing (content, branding, social, and more)
  • Do the things you love best, and see the results of your efforts

Here’s who you need to be:

  • Extremely well organised: you make sure things go out on time, and you organise the contributions of the entire PF team
  • Results focused: you’ll track the numbers and look for areas to improve
  • On brand: You know (or will learn fast) what does, and doesn’t represent the PF brand
  • Enthusiastic: You love marketing and every part of it, and this is the kind of work that doesn’t feel like work
  • Deadline master: You always deliver on time (if not early)
  • Detail-orientated: You notice spelling mistakes & small errors swiftly
  • Good design sense: You know the difference between good & bad design
  • Human in your marketing: Nothing old school, or overly “professional”. You are comfortable with yourself
  • Remote working experience: You’ve proven you can work unsupervised and deliver to deadline
  • Social: You love social media and use it often (and you enjoy events, too!)

What will give you bonus points:

Familiarity with the below systems:

  • Slack
  • Gsuite
  • WordPress
  • Infusionsoft
  • Zoom
  • Mailchimp
  • All the socials (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Insta, YouTube)

What you will be doing:

  • Organising all content marketing going out for PF (blogs, articles, social, emails, etc)
  • Managing events, exhibitions, webinars, and all the marketing associated with them
  • Creating individual marketing campaigns, and an overall campaign for PF
  • Tracking marketing numbers for PF, and helping interpret the results alongside the MD
  • Looking for continual opportunities to learn about marketing (all areas)
  • Going to events and representing PF (yellow T-shirt! enthusiasm!)
  • Content writing (blogs, website pages, social media posts, emails). You will gather content from the team & from client conversations and use this to create content


This is a full time role.


The role is based remotely. You can work from wherever you want, as long as you have solid internet access and can jump on Slack or Zoom video calls at any time. You will be expected to represent PF (and travel to) at any events at which we choose to be involved. These will usually be within the UK.


We’ll talk about money once we’ve talked about whether you like us and we like you. The right person will care more about working with PF than about simply making a little more money. We absolutely believe in rewarding people according to their contribution, but you’re the kind of person who isn’t motivated by money. You might even make less than another or a previous role, but will love your job and life and have more flexibility. (If that doesn’t appeal to you, then this company is probably not a fit for you.)

What we’re like

  • A mix of creative, digital, and geeky humans
  • Apple users (iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs abound)
  • We work remotely as well as in person with clients. PF has offices in Manchester, but the team is scattered all over the world. We are huge fans of working from home. Or Starbucks. Or wherever to get the job done!
  • Hard workers, and flexible people (things change fast, and we go with it)

The PF internal values:

  • Transparent. We share the right things, at the right time, to build relationship. We love to share our lives (including wins as well as fears) with each other.
  • We have an opinion. We like to hear different perspectives and we know why we have a certain opinion.
  • Positive. We always look for the good, and we believe it’s there. There’s always a blessing, even in tough situations!
  • Take responsibility. We’re the first to recognise when we’re in the wrong, or when we could do better. We welcome that opportunity.
  • Patient. We seek to be generous and gracious, and take our time with people.
  • Collaborative. We love working together as a team (we’re not lone rangers).

We live by the PF pillars: creativity, integrity, generosity, and rest.


Record a 3 minute video and send it to team [at] wearepf [dot] com

You can also connect with our Founder Karen Reyburn on LinkedIn. Still send the video, and explain what role you want, and why you would be amazing in it. Or ask questions. Bonus points for connecting with Karen and the PF team on other social media platforms too.

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