Head of Sales & Client Growth

Head of Sales & Client Growth (UK)

Here’s PF’s founder to introduce our company and share more about what this role involves!

In this role, you’re responsible for new client acquisition (primarily prospects & new clients). Success is defined by lead conversion (both number and speed).

Your priorities are (in order): 

  1. Prospect connections
  2. Sales calls
  3. Increasing client value

You’ll join a team of 18 people, and will work together with the Sales Director, Marketing Director, and Operations Director to deliver on our ambitious company targets. Other role responsibilities which dovetail with yours are:

CMMs: deliver best experience to clients

Finance Director: make sure this is done profitably 

Ops Director: make sure this is done efficiently 

Marketing Director: help the best clients find us

You’ll report to the Sales Director and will work closely with the Marketing Director and the Head of CMMs. This role has the opportunity to advance into the Sales Director role within 6-12 months.

What’s in it for you

  • Primarily remote based role
  • Opportunity to travel, attend events, meet with clients and team
  • Flexibility of working times (you will need to adapt your working schedule to fit our global clients & divisions)
  • An amazing team to support you: people who love what they do, love this company, and care for each other
  • Stretch yourself creatively: we’ll help you focus on doing the things you love best

Role objectives (including KPI’s)

  • Increase number of sales calls with prospects (KPI = Number of new client sales calls)
  • Improve conversion time (KPI = Conversion rate in percentage & days)
  • Increase average client value (KPI = Average client value, total and monthly)

Key skills

  • Excellent relational skills (ie building and keeping relationship) 
  • Long term view (not sacrificing the long term relationship to win a quick sale)
  • Social media (building relationships, engagement, and connection towards new sales)
  • Deep knowledge of PF’s ideal clients (accountants and bookkeepers)
  • Self-motivated, energetic and positive (able to keep their own spirits up and help lift the spirits & energy of others on the team)
  • Open, curious, and willing to try new things

Tasks & responsibilities

Connecting & engaging with potential prospects 

  • Social media posting, connecting, engaging, messages 
  • Attending events as agreed 
  • Managing live chat 
  • Recording & sharing videos & posts to build connections 

Current client sales:

  • Weekly sales check ins with CMMs
  • Ongoing service reviews (consider existing sales & needs)
  • Regular service reviews (work with Marketing Director) to identify new opportunities

Current & new products: 

  • Work with Marketing Director to review products & services (in connection with service reviews) and identify new sales opportunities 

Onboarding & resourcing:

  • Connect with Head of CMMs on capacity & resourcing so sales calls offer the most quickly available slot to begin work

Run weekly sales meets – New client sales team 

  • Share numbers
  • Review current leads & progress

Management and delivery of the PF Sales Way 

  • Review sales way for simplicity & delivery 
  • Ensure sales way is being followed
  • Look for opportunities to adjust sales way for existing client opportunities 

Report sales numbers on a weekly & monthly basis (to Sales Director): 

  • Current leads (enquiries & diagnostics)
  • Sales calls (booked & held)
  • Conversion rate (time)
  • Number of proposals out (and value)
  • Conversion value (proposals) – average & by individual 

Experience required

Minimum of three years working in marketing and/or sales (preferably in an agency environment). Proven track record of growth in the areas you were responsible for.

Preferred but not required: Experience working with accountants, accounting firms, and/or bookkeepers


This is a full time, employment role.


You must be based in the UK to apply for this role. This is a remote role, so you can work from locations to suit you, as long as you have solid internet access and can jump on Slack or Zoom video calls at any time.

You will be expected to travel (primarily within the UK, but also globally) to meet with the MD, other team members, clients’ offices, and other locations for workshops and events, often with other PF team members.

You’ll also attend hybrid and regional team retreats each year, and whole-team retreats every other year (location may be outwith the UK).

Salary & bonuses

The starting salary range for this role is £45k – £50k, based on your experience and qualifications, and includes bonuses based on company & sales targets.

We pay all-team bonuses when company wide and departmental targets are reached, and you have access to additional targets based on your role. You also have access to an equipment fund, coworking days fund, and mental health support fund.

What we’re like

  • Creative. We value curiosity, problem solving, and openness
  • Human. We are who we are and appreciate each person’s unique self
  • Flexible. Things change all the time, so we just go with it.
  • Virtual. We don’t have offices, and are fully remote. We are fans of working from home (or wherever).
  • Honest. We don’t cut corners, we won’t lie, and we won’t ask you to (or approve if you do it).
  • Human. We make mistakes from time to time, and when we do, we admit it.

The PF internal values:

  • Transparent. We share the right things, at the right time, to build relationship. We love to share our lives (including wins as well as fears) with each other.
  • We have an opinion. We like to hear different perspectives and we know why we have a certain opinion.
  • Positive. We always look for the good, and we believe it’s there. There’s always a blessing, even in tough situations!
  • Take responsibility. We’re the first to recognise when we’re in the wrong, or when we could do better. We welcome that opportunity.
  • Patient. We seek to be generous and gracious, and take our time with people.
  • Collaborative. We love working together as a team (we’re not lone rangers).We live by the PF pillars: creativity, integrity, generosity, and rest.


Record a 3 minute video and submit it on this page (or you can send it to team@wearepf.com). Due to the requirements of this role, the hiring process will look a little differently. The process will be similar, and the order will be slightly different. You can review the current process here.

You can connect with Karen on LinkedIn!

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