Client Marketing Strategist (US)

Client Marketing Strategist (US)

Watch our Founder and Managing Director, Karen, share the skills and experience which would make you a perfect fit for this role!

In this role, you’ll be responsible for understanding client’s needs and goals, and translating those business goals into a marketing strategy. You’ll keep track of marketing trends and apply them to the work you do with your clients. You’ll enjoy creating and maintaining a positive client experience and will work with a client project manager to ensure all work is achievable within set budgets and timeframes.

You’ll get the opportunity to collaborate with multiple teams across the company; including design, content, web and at times, the leadership team – with the focus on creative ideas to better serve clients. You’ll feel comfortable working cross-divisionally and are confident enough to advocate for your client’s needs.

Success is defined by:

1. An improvement in client satisfaction, retention and delight
2. Upselling to existing clients based on their needs and goals
3. Helping clients to reach their goals

You’ll join a team of 19 people, and will work together with the Head of Operations and other Marketing Strategists to support in delivering on our ambitious company targets.

You’ll report to the Head of Operations. This role has the opportunity to advance into a more senior role.

What’s in it for you

  • Primarily remote based role with in-person meets with team members and clients (this role requires you to be based in the US and/or work full time in a US time zone)
  • Flexibility of working times (must be based in US time zone)
  • An amazing team to support you: people who love what they do and genuinely care for one another
  • Stretch yourself creatively: we’ll help you focus on doing the things you love best
  • A coworking fund: giving you the opportunity to work in-person with other members of the team
  • Mental health support: access to a fund specifically to help you cover therapy or counselling sessions
  • x4 pillar days per year: Creativity, Generosity, Integrity and Rest are the four pillars that hold up the work we do. You’ll spend x4 days a year focusing on and doing intentional activities which support these pillars
  • x2-3 team retreats per year (hybrid and/or in person): an opportunity to either get together with the team in your region, or the whole PF team. Retreats are focused on connection, collaboration and motivation and involve spending time doing activities and sessions different from your day to day work

Role objectives (including KPI’s)

  • To increase % billable time = Billable time per client
  • To improve client satisfaction = Client NPS scores
  • To increase sales = Monthly revenue

Key skills

  • Communication: exceptional communication and presentation skills (both written and verbal)
  • Experience: 5+ years experience being responsible for clients and leading a marketing strategy and reaching marketing goals
  • Sales ability: both to new and existing clients. An understanding of working within KPIs, including sales targets
  • Marketing trends: an exceptional understanding of marketing trends and technology and the drive to keep up with the latest trends.
  • Social media skills: platforms, optimisation, tracking ideas & ability to implement them
  • Enthusiastic and self-motivated; track record of achieving targets

Tasks & responsibilities

Client satisfaction:

  • Liaising with clients to determine their goals, timescale and budget. Work with clients’ ideas and manage their expectations.
  • Ensure client work meets organisational standards, brand expectations and expresses client ideas accurately; ensure all client work represents the company or client appropriately.
  • Keeping clients up to date, listening to and acting on feedback, and explaining the rationale behind creative decisions.
  • Staying in touch with your clients (accountants and bookkeepers) by email, video call, text, Slack. At times, mentoring and coaching clients.

Marketing strategy:

  • Provide expert and strategic advice for clients in all areas of their marketing, including social media marketing, website, brand development, logo design, events, advertising and internal marketing.
  • Collaborate, brainstorm, and strategise with multiple teams on a wide range of materials that may include web pages, presentations, social media, branding, logos, internal communications, blogs, and marketing materials.
  • Analyse marketing data for your clients, deliver monthly co-pilot reports and present progress towards their goals.
  • Understand that marketing is an ever-evolving industry and teach your clients the same philosophy. Learn and teach as the industry grows and changes.
  • Write up briefs, detailing clients ideas and needs for the project manager to plan and execute.

Service delivery:

  • Run one-to-one, and group workshops, with clients on branding, websites, marketing plans, and foundational goals. Lead strategic calls with clients and follow up with plans and ‘homework’ for clients.
  • Record informative videos to clients with project updates, strategy advice, recommendations and explanations of outcomes and processes.
  • Support clients to set and review company, and personal, goals. At times, collate, analyse and share data with the clients or support them to do this independently.

Professional development:

  • Strive to continuously develop professionally, join training (both internal and external) when offered.
  • Set professional goals with your mentor or leader.
  • Look for opportunities to upskill both yourself and your division at PF.

Experience required

Minimum of five years experience in marketing strategy and setting, leading and reaching marketing goals.

Preferred but not required: Experience working with accountants, accounting firms, and/or bookkeepers. Degree/certification in marketing, communications, public relations or related field


This is a full time role and you’ll be required to work full time in a US time zone.


You must either be based in the US for this role, or be able to work in a US time zone. This is a remote role, so you can work from locations to suit you, as long as you have solid internet access and can jump on Slack or Zoom video calls at any time.

You will be expected to travel primarily within your region but also globally (which would be discussed ahead of time) to meet with clients, team members and to attend workshops and events.

You’ll also attend hybrid and regional team retreats each year, and whole-team retreats every other year (location may be out with the US).

Salary & bonuses

The salary range for this role is $55k, depending on your experience and qualifications.

We pay all-team bonuses when company wide and departmental targets are reached. You also get:

  • 20 holiday days per year
  • 8 bank holiday days per year
  • 4 PF pillar days per year
  • 2-3 team retreats per year
  • Access to a coworking days fund
  • Access to a mental health support fund

What we’re like

  • Creative. We value curiosity, problem solving, and openness.
  • Flexible. Things change all the time, so we just go with it.
  • Virtual. We don’t have offices, and are fully remote. We are fans of working from home (or wherever).
  • Honest. We don’t cut corners, we won’t lie, and we won’t ask you to (or approve if you do it).
  • Human. We make mistakes from time to time, and when we do, we admit it.

The PF internal values:

  • Transparent. We share the right things, at the right time, to build relationship. We love to share our lives (including wins as well as fears) with each other.
  • We have an opinion. We like to hear different perspectives and we know why we have a certain opinion.
  • Positive. We always look for the good, and we believe it’s there. There’s always a blessing, even in tough situations!
  • Take responsibility. We’re the first to recognise when we’re in the wrong, or when we could do better. We welcome that opportunity.
  • Gracious. We seek to be generous and gracious, and take our time with people.
  • Collaborative. We love working together as a team (we’re not lone rangers).We live by the PF pillars: creativity, integrity, generosity, and rest.


The first step is to record a 3 minute video and submit it on this page (or you can send it to You can review the full hiring process here!

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