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Content structure: How to create content to bring ONLY the clients you want

Content structure: How to create content to bring ONLY the clients you want

Speakers: Karen & team

When: Multiple dates

Here’s what it’s about:

You’ve been using content marketing for your accounting firm: but you’re sort of throwing out content and hoping it works. You’re getting some leads, but many of them are the wrong kind. You want to gain some structure, create content consistently, with a reliable route that actually works.

This webinar brings together the 12 elements of content marketing which were created by PF and have been shared over hundreds of sessions, years of training courses, over the past eight years.

You’ll learn what you need to to know, in what order. So your content brings you not only the very best clients, but ONLY those clients, and no one else.

We’ll cover the 12 areas in order (and explain why the order matters!):  Audience, Issues, Cornerstone content, Brand, Design, Website, Email, Follow up, Blogging, Events, Social media, and Campaigns.

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The Marketing Map: What to do, and in what order

The Marketing Map: What to do, and in what order

Speakers: Karen Reyburn & team

When: 17 June 2020

What’s covered & why:

There are accounting firms in the ‘dream place’ when it comes to marketing. They get a drip feed of really high quality leads, of the kind they want – actually, more of these than they can handle.

Over 20 years of serving accountants has gone into the creation of this marketing map. We looked at the highest performing firms, with the greatest success in marketing, and asked, “What is it they have in common? What did they do, and in what order?” And then we looked at the firms who struggled for success and asked, “What do THEY have in common? What did they skip, or decide not to do at all?”

And then pulled it all together in this map. It’s the ideal journey for accountants doing marketing: and it saves a lot of time and heartache when you follow the map in order.


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Karens Notes

Karens Notes

Marketing tips written by Karen herself, sent out every Saturday to keep you inspired and taking marketing action.

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Xero Marketer Guide

Xero Marketer Guide

Written for the Xero accountant or bookkeeper who wants to step up their marketing. Includes 6 quick win ideas and real life case studies.

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