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3 in 1 workshop: Branding, website, plan

When you need all the things

When you know you need to address the core foundational elements of brand, website, and marketing plan – but you aren’t sure yet which one needs the most focus – this is for you.


Individual brand, website, and marketing planning workshops available separately if you already know your focus areas.



Identify your marketing priority

Before you move to a major project of any kind, this triple workshop helps you see clearly where you’re at and what you really need. Includes four online sessions (1 hour each) and focuses on:

Brand: Message and/or logo

Not sure if your brand or logo are as clear as they need to be? Need clarification on your target market? We’ll review your logo, firm name, and values messaging with you, and will share our thoughts so you can decide whether this is a critical area right now.

Website: Review and feedback 

Do you need a completely new website build, or simply a refresh, or something else? We’ll go through your existing site together to talk about what works and what doesn’t. 

Plan: Organise and prioritise marketing actions

We’ll explore what you’ve tried so far in marketing, what is (or isn’t) working, and what you’d love to try doing. Ask us anything about your marketing, and start an action plan.

Decision: What now? 

From the three sessions, we’ll summarise our suggestions and your actions. You can look at it with a fresh pair of eyes, and be absolutely clear on which area to focus on, and in what order. You’ll not be leaping into a major project with any doubts.

Kind words from PF clients

“We have always been prepared to take a risk on new technology. When you take risk and are first to market with a new way to do something for your clients, this gives you massive competitive advantage. Every accountant has a few clients that will be happy to be your guinea pigs or testing ground. Explain to them what you’re trying and why, and invite them to be part of the risk.”

Will Farnell
Will Farnell

Farnell Clarke Ltd , Will Farnell, Farnell Clarke Ltd

When I was asked at the Xero Roadshow about marketing, the first thing I thought of was the Content Marketer programme from PF. I think I actually used the term “game changer”, which doesn’t sound like me, but it is true! This programme gave me the skills to do some of the marketing myself, but it’s also a process. It helps you focus on who you are as a firm, and who you want to be. Who are your clients? What are their real needs? If you speak to a client, they don’t want accounts. They don’t want a tax return. They want advice, help, and support. This programme will help you figure out how to integrate this into your marketing. If you haven’t yet, sign up!

Jonathan Bareham
Jonathan Bareham

Founder, Raedan

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Get clarity on which takes priority for you: brand, website or marketing plan.

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