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You’re welcome to go through our training step by step, or accelerate by joining multiple programmes at once. It all depends on how quickly you’d like to see results.

Learn content marketing

12-week group coaching that will help you learn about content marketing and actually begin implementing it. Includes one-on-one custom session with Karen.

From £499 +VAT

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Use social media.

DIY videos on all areas of social media – Facebook, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn – exclusively for accountants. Includes strategy session with Ashley Davis.

Cost: £99/mo +VAT

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Content and Social Combined

Get a discount when you join both programmes to accelerate growth.


Hear from our programme members who are taking action and seeing results!"

Every darn month…Honestly the CM sessions are one of the best parts of the month, leave them hugely motivated but I’m getting frustrated that I don’t get the opportunity to enact all the ideas I (we) have. Work gets in the way but that must change.

Jonathan Bareham
Jonathan Bareham

Raedan Chartered Accountants

It felt like a gamble at first but it’s definitely paid off. I’ve had more leads in the last 1.5 months than in the two years previous to it. Now I get two to three leads per day from my new lead magnet – and best of all, it’s not other accountants this time, but the right kind of target market! I’ve been quite amazed, thinking about how long it took me to get round to the Content Marketer. Why didn’t I do it sooner?

Claire Owen-Jones
Claire Owen-Jones

Loud & Clear Accounting

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