Bite size Q&A: Get more traction and reach with your audience

social media traction

We run a live Social Marketer Q&A session every month!  Here’s a quick actionable area to focus on from the latest session.

How often should I post?

Daily posting is a great way to start building up engagement with your audience and to start having a conversation as you would do in real life. You need to be ready to reply and treat prospects as a client before they are actually signed up.

Welcome questions and be helpful. This will help you build trust and show your expertise before going any further.  A great way to avoid the same question again and again is to make use of the question you do get asked.

If you get regular questions about Making Tax Digital, why not write a blog post and share on your social, add to your newsletter, email to clients?

Getting the team involved in social media vs delegation to one main person

We’d recommend getting your team involved to help build the firm’s brand across social media. Give them the option of using their personal social account or set one up that’s focused around the firm.

Allow them the freedom to share content on any relevant topic which interests them, appeals to your target market and represents your brand. Don’t limit your team by dividing the topic to tax content for one person, Xero news for another.

When I started at The Profitable Firm, Karen gave me the option, so I created a PF Twitter account and use my personal LinkedIn. It means I can still be open and honest in my views, speak to prospects or clients while sharing PF content as well as my own.

Making sure it’s something your team want to do will encourage them to be active. As the lines between personal and business become even more blurred, we need to change the way we think about separating the two. Karen was recently on Practice Excellence Live discussing this ‘marketing mindset’ that accountants need to have in order to see the greatest results for their firms – you can watch the recording here.

Personal pages always get better results than company pages. As the partners in your firm, it’s important to lead the way and build up your brand.

Open up, be honest and share:

  • Your love of fresh coffee
  • Your love of running
  • Your firm’s latest blog, with your take on cloud accounting
  • HMRC’s latest announcements
  • Growth ideas for your chosen niche sector

You’ll be amazed at the traction you get, and the opportunities that arise from a few minutes social media activity. It’s the human element that really gets great results.

Should you have a social media policy?

We don’t have a separate social media policy as our brand guidelines are very similar and we’d recommend you use yours as a basis. Don’t have a strict set of rules, educate the team on what you see works with your firm’s brand, the tone of voice and  how you’d like to be seen by your clients. Let them use their common sense and, where needed, guide in the direction needed. It’s likely all of this will flow naturally from your brand anyway.

Keep in mind that if you do create a document, it will be continually evolving as social media changes.

We review our own social posts on a regular basis and make sure they fit our brand, are helpful and look good. If we work with you on an social media outsourced packages this will also be part of the process we’d go through: we suggest articles, content to share and the text to accompany – and you then guide us on if you like it, or not.

Do you have other social media questions?

If you’ve got any questions you’d like us to answer, feel free to get in touch on Twitter or through our Profitable Firm slack channel.