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Sometimes you need to just get started.

Karens notes sketchnoteSometimes you need to just get started.

And sometimes you need to just stop.

Last week I spent five days on the Isle of Mull. It’s my favourite place of rest, of beauty, of refreshment, of quiet and peace.

And although I told myself I would simply sit by the fire and read books and not even go outside….I still went out. I went for long walks through green fields, by the coast, on the beach.

One walk took me four hours round the north west coast, and I stopped partway through to warm up with a cup of hot tea in my handy mug (one of many swag items from the Quickbooks connect event in San Jose last year). When I took a picture, it struck me that it looked like one of those “inspiring quote” photos, or a stock image you pick to include with your email or social post.

It’s a great message, and absolutely you sometimes need to stop faffing about and get things done. Just start.

But it’s also equally true that sometimes you need to just stop.

Stop rushing, stop hurrying, stop doing all the things and just sit. Sit with your cup of tea or your new book or the twinkling stars or your kids or the sea or nothing at all. Maybe think about all you’re doing and whether you’re overdoing it… maybe think about something you really want to achieve and what’s preventing you…. maybe don’t think too hard at all.

No matter what, the stopping will help you go forward too. It may help you start something. It may show you what you need to stop. And it may just be good for your soul.


P.s. here’s the actual photo!