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Start using social well

Accountants who build a solid understanding of social, and take time to grow their presence get amazing results.


We’ve reviewed the common problems accountants face when it comes to social, and this Masterclass will help you make sure you deal with all of them well. You’ll understand where to start, which platforms to join, how to find potential clients.. and most of all how to combine it all with the rest of your marketing to get the results you’re looking for.

What's covered?

Get to grips with the top 4 challenges accountants face on social media:

Who are you talking to? What do you say?

Knowing the answer to this question means you share the kind of content they relate to, and this helps build up your followers on social.


Facebook? Insta? Twitter? LinkedIn? There are so many social platforms to choose from, and you want to know which one works best. Which ones get the best results.

This will be a rapid-fire overview on all the platforms so you can decide where to focus your efforts.

Lead generation
Lead generation

Now it's time to actually get leads. How do you use social to do this? Do social ads work, or are there other things you need to consider before launching into ads?

Together we'll review how lead gen works on social, and share stories of accountants who have had great success with it (and a few fail stories too, so you learn from them!).

Getting it done
Getting it done

Right. You're in. You want to do this and up your social game. Now you want to know all the detail. Who sets it up, and how do you do it? Is there research involved? Can you outsource your social posts or must you do it yourself?

We'll give you the step by step list of what needs done and in what order, and then you can decide at what pace you want to go.

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The 'value' concept really is what it comes down to. Speaking next week (with a few others) on: BEING your value SHOWING your value CHARGING for your value i think really highly of the other speakers. People who know their own & their clients' value.… Retweeted by PF

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