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September 2021: Embracing the power of video in your marketing

September’s monthly update introduction looks slightly different than usual. Here’s a video from Steph sharing why that’s the case and a reminder of what this monthly update is and why we share it as an email each month (if you’d like to receive our monthly update as an email, you can sign up here).

Enjoy watching!

New Graphic Designer!

We’re delighted to welcome Simona to the PF team this month as our third Graphic Designer. You can greet her on any of the socials, or in the PF Community Facebook group!

When a new team member joins PF, they choose their five pillars and two core values. Your pillars are the kind of things you love, which bring you comfort and inspiration. Your values are more to do with how you live your life. So, for example, if you had a decision to make, you’d refer back to your values to help you guide you through the process.

Originally from Lithuania, Simona is a bold and passionate designer living and creating in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She combines her experience of photography and graphic design to create meaningful and emotion-driven work which will help our accountants visually communicate their value to their clients.

In her free time, Simona loves spending time with her husband and daughter and travelling to new and exciting places.

Her personal pillars are:






Her two personal core values are trust and freedom.

…and here’s our lovely design team! Here’s where you can get to know Katie (top left), Chryzia (top right) and Simona (bottom) better!

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Video Editing Training: Wednesday 6th October

Specific trainings are run every month in the Lab and when our members suggest ones not listed, we run on request. So while our 100 day video challenge is running, you can join the video editing training session on Wednesday 6th October at 11am BST.

In the session, you’ll learn the basic of how to DIY your own videos: lighting, audio and editing tools on Canva and Camtasia.

You can come ready with questions and specific examples of videos you need help with and we will walk you through how to edit your videos yourself so they’re ready to share with your audience!

Here’s the other upcoming Lab sessions:

How to say NO: to clients, team, projects which aren’t a fit (13 October)
Building a client community: Facebook groups, Slack communities, Whatsapp, etc to serve your clients & help them refer to you (12 November)
You can join on a month to month basis, or sign up for the video editing session on it’s own without becoming a member.


The 100 Day Video Challenge

This challenge for accountants started on 1st September and involves recording and sharing one video per day for 100 days (with one rest day per week). Each video is at least 1 minute long and is shared on your chosen platform.

The goal? To simply record and share the videos, and be consistent.

At the time of writing this email, we have 64 members in the Facebook group. It’s been inspiring and encouraging to see so many of you overcome your fear of video and use it to show your prospects your expertise and value.

Here’s a small selection of the videos our members have been sharing during the challenge.

Keep up the great work!


Sharing Your Stories: Andy, Complete HQ

This month we published a new case study all about Andy, owner of Complete HQ, focusing on where he started his marketing journey and where his firm is now.

Andy was bored with the way accounting businesses were run. He knew accounting wasn’t confusing and dull, but he also knew the misconception many business owners had that it was.

Andy shares in this blogI got a bit bored with the accounting scene…and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work in the accountancy space anymore, so I decided to leave the business I was in at that time…I took the approach that I wanted to do more business consultancy than accounting, so that’s when I started Complete HQ.” Andy wanted Complete HQ to be miles away from the stale processes he was used to. No suits and ties, no fancy accounting jargon, simply providing extraordinary business with an extraordinary service. “I’m a very different person than the formal accountant. Maybe there are some clients who like formal language, suits and ties, all that. Those are not my people.”

You can watch this recording of Andy sharing why first learning in Accelerator was so fundamental to his marketing journey and read the full case study here.

That’s it from us for this month! If you want to get these monthly updates straight to your inbox, you can sign up here!