• Training

    Learn the 12 elements of content marketing for accountants: get the big picture and start creating your own content, reviewed by the PF team.
    For Accelerator graduates only! Go next-level marketing, getting one on one coaching in a small focused group, with accountability.

  • Brand

    For those who need to make ANY kind of brand decision: Considering a name change, a refresh to your logo, a full new rebrand? Any branding decision starts with this custom workshop.
    Research and strategy to help you come up with naming options for your firm, and a decision about whether to rename or not.
    If your core logo is good and reflects who you are, but needs a little modernising, we will refresh the logo & provide new files & guidelines.
    This is for you when your entire brand changes: a new name, a new logo, new colours and style...the whole kit and caboodle.

  • Website

    Identify your client journey, and get the ideal website structure for your firm (pages, key content and messaging, and calls to action for each page).
    Starting with the "core blocks" required for a great accountancy firm website, we'll choose the elements specific to your firm, and custom create content for your firm. 3-5 pages.
    Custom design & build of a WordPress site (no templates!!) including custom content & design. Includes 5 custom pages.
    Custom design & build of a WordPress site (no templates!!) including custom content & design. Includes 10 custom pages.

  • Website extras

    Custom review of the SEO opportunity and analysis for your existing website. We'll identify the urgent, critical, and important items (in that order) so you can start taking SEO action.
    Keyword and competitor research, with a detailed report to help you identify how to get the most from your existing content and website.
    The basic core elements of an onboarding process, including content for website pages, emails, videos, and forms.

  • Plan

    Create a 'dream list' of all the marketing actions you'd like to do for your firm...and then see it organised in priority order based on your business goals.
    Cover the core areas of marketing: brand, website, and plan. Includes a goals, to make sure your marketing will help you achieve them.

  • Outsourced marketing

    Like monthly marketing management accounts. Tracking, analytics, direction, and accountability.
    Fully customised marketing analysis, with additional strategy sessions.
    Management and maintenance of your WordPress website. Includes tasks such as blog posting, wording changes, content edits, etc.
    Get content & design created specifically for your firm, every month. Credits can be used for varied marketing items, so custom marketing is done no matter how busy you are.
    Social media posting (up to 40 posts monthly) for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. (Options for instagram too.) Research, writing, and optimisation based on your audience & expertise.
  • Number of credits

    You will use these for content and design items each month.
    Please enter a number from 10 to 100.