It all sounds great but I’ve had a bad experience (or multiple bad experiences)

We respect this, and we’re so sorry for the bad experiences you’ve had, or money you feel you’ve lost. It’s discouraging and frustrating. We believe in marketing therapy: understanding what went wrong, what didn’t work, what level of training and coaching you’ve had (or haven’t had), the real results you truly want (not just the ones you think you want, like ‘more clients’ or ‘more money’), and really listening to who you are as an individual person and as a unique firm.

We also believe in “start small, start safe”. If you’re not sure about starting a full brand and website project yet, start by joining Accelerator and see for the first time how marketing really fits together. Attend Lab sessions and get perspective and training on marketing questions you have today. Only start working with us when you feel safe and comfortable to do so.

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How are fees paid, milestones, payment authorisations?

We use Gocardless for UK clients, and Stripe for everyone else. Payment is always required in advance, because when you’re ready to start, you’re ready to pay. (We know you practice this in your firm, too.) Whether it’s a small deposit, a large deposit, or first month’s fee, it reflects your commitment to the marketing work and your willingness and excitement to get going. Once payment authorisation is provided, fees will be processed according to agreed-upon milestones, and we will always notify you ahead of time that these are coming. Monthly content marketing work is paid on the 1st of the month in advance.

What if I start, and then change my mind?

The question we return to you is, what might cause this to happen? We want to work with accountants who are committed, excited, and willing to make the efforts required for your own marketing. After all, marketing is your responsibility, and we’re here to support that and help it be better. So a few good questions to ask yourself right now are:

– What does “success” look like to you in marketing? What does “failure” look like?
– Are you willing to personally commit to your firm’s marketing for at least 12 months? Not all our contracts require this, but if in your mind you aren’t willing to really give it everything you’ve got for at least 12-24 months, you might still be looking for a short term result.
– Are you ready to show up for meetings, reply to messages, give feedback, and ask questions? If you’re thinking “I’ll just hand everything over and it will magically happen”, you might not be ready yet.
– Do you feel you know the PF team yet? The more comfortable you are with your Client Marketing Manager, the designers and content writers, and the others you’ll be working with regularly, the more excited you’ll be to start.
– Are you worried about where the money will come from, or the future of your firm? If you’re significantly worried about this and aren’t sure your firm will continue, talk to us about this first.

All of these will be worked through in Foundations: so start there. You can always decide (even during Foundations) to move forward with other projects.

You can read more about Foundations here

How do I know when I’m ready?

This is a really good question. Only you will truly know when you’re ready, but in our experience it will include things like:

– An enthusiasm and excitement about marketing
– Ideas you’d like to implement
– Willingness to pay the deposit or first month’s payment
– More and more questions you want to ask us about marketing
– Content you actually start creating (like blog posts and videos)
– Conversations with your team and the leadership about marketing

Remember, start small, start safe. If you’re not sure you’re ready for monthly marketing yet, start with Foundations only. If you aren’t sure about Accelerator, attend or watch a taster session. And please, ask any questions directly to us. If they’re not answered here we’d love to know what they are!

I want to know the full picture before I get started. How much will I be investing in total?

This is why we’ve created the Marketing Map.
You can review all our pricing here.

What work have you done for other accountants and what results have they gotten?

The best results in marketing come over the long term, with a steady focus in the same direction (“the right way is the long way”, as evidenced by the marketing map!). Our work includes branding, website design and build, monthly content marketing, and coaching and training. The stories we’ve written are more than case studies, more than testimonials or quotes. Read the stories of accountants we’ve worked with over a period of months or years, and understand how their businesses and lives have changed for good.

You can read accountants stories hereread blogs about ROI here or fill in our diagnostic and tell us about you.

What if I start a big project or monthly marketing and realise I need something else?

We understand this feeling and have set up the Foundations sessions for exactly this reason. Instead of both of us presuming it’s instantly clear what marketing will deliver the best results for you, we work through the four foundational areas every accountant must be considering in marketing, and apply that to your next steps. For example, one of these sessions is branding. You may go through this session and realise you need a new name, a new logo, and an entire new brand for your firm. Or, you may go through it and confirm the brand you have is right for your clients, but you need clarity on tone of voice, or your social image needs to better display that brand. At the end of Foundations, we’ll agree together what the next step is, and take it one step at a time. You can learn more about Foundations here.

I just want marketing done for me. Can you do this?

Our question for you in reply is, what does “done for you” actually look like? If it looks like us creating marketing with you through collaboration, and sharing your ideas, and giving bullet points or notes or videos about the brilliant ideas and questions and issues you and your team are working with your clients, then yes, absolutely! But if “done for you” looks like us creating content without any input from you, or making things happen without meetings, without discussions or feedback, then that wouldn’t deliver great marketing for you. Great marketing reflects who you and your firm truly are. To create that, we need your help. It’s more “done with you” than “done for you”: and the results are far better because of it.

You can fill in our diagnostic and tell us about you and read more about our Services here.

Why is PF so expensive?

1. You know you get what you pay for. “If you think paying for an expert is expensive, try hiring an amateur.” When you’re tempted to pay a lower cost for something (especially marketing), it’s often because you’re seeing it stand alone. A logo. A website. A blog post. But true marketing is integrated: your blog post sits on your website, which reflects your brand, which is also matched in your social posts, which show videos, which are created from your experience and client questions, and it all weaves together. There are many people and agencies who can “do it for cheaper”, if you look at it on its own. But the real costs come later: the cost of looking at your brand without considering your website and every other aspect of your marketing. The cost of choosing a new firm name without digging deep into your audience and who you truly are. The cost of blog posts which sound like every other firm.

2. You’ll also be working with an entire creative team: content writers, graphic designers, website developers, strategists, and client marketing managers. And every single person is dedicated solely to understanding and loving accountants and accounting firms. To drawing out what makes you an accountant unlike any other, so we can help you display that, so your potential clients can make the best decision for the accountant they need.

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