5 things to prepare for your team photoshoot

5 things to prepare for your team photoshoot

Your prospects and those visiting your website not only want to know what your firm is like, and what services they might need, but who the real humans are they will be working with. Taking and sharing real photographs of your team helps your ideal clients and prospects build connection and feel like they know you before they know you.

Getting a professional (or even amateur) photographer to take “real” photographs of your team feels exciting. You have a vision in your mind of how wonderful these photographs will look, how impressive they will be on your website, and how it will show people who your firm truly is.

However, team photoshoots aren’t as easy as they may seem. It’s not as simple as choosing a photographer, booking the day, telling the team and then letting it happen. The more preparation you do, the better your photographs will be – the more on brand, the more fitting with the type of firm you are. Will team members be standing with their arms folded, or does that appear stand-offish and formal? Will everyone wear similar colours, or a variety of colours matching your brand colours? Smiling or serious faces? Props or head and shoulders only? What background is best?

All of these questions can be answered by considering where and how your photographs will be used – and best of all, it will give direction to your photographer so they use their skills to bring out the true life and character of your team members.

Here are 5 things to prepare so your photoshoot delivers the best photographs of your team and for your marketing.


If you’re thinking about using your team photos on your website, read our blog about what directions to give to your photographer for photos for your website.

We’re excited to see your great team photos!