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Karen’s – and everyone’s – Marketing Tips

Marketing tips

I’ve been writing “Karen’s Marketing Tips” for over eight years – they began even before I set up PF! I love writing them: the discipline of choosing a relevant topic and writing about it, and always sending it out, Friday after Friday.

I also love the responses. There are nearly a thousand accountants who get my marketing tips every Friday, and I get different responses each week from people who tell me they liked it, or they didn’t, or it makes great sense, or it doesn’t!

The more I thought about my ‘marketing tips’ lately, the more I realised they aren’t really…tips. In my mind a “tip” is a short practical item you can implement, whereas what I’ve been writing for years has become long-form content. Long, detailed articles – still with tips, but lots and lots of tips and ideas. Some of my “marketing tips” are well over 2000 words in length.

Another thing that’s happened over the years is that we’ve begun sending branding tips from our Head of Branding, and social media tips from our Social Media Director. We were talking about others, from the rest of the PF team.

Some of you were on the list for my tips…and Col’s tips…and Ashley’s tips….so many emails!!

As much as we salute your getting marketing support, we do also want to protect your inbox, and your time.

Now, so far, everyone seems to appreciate these long-form content articles. People have told me they keep a folder of all these tips, and when they have spare time they go through and read every word of the long posts.

So we’ll keep sending these.

We’ll just combine it all – the branding advice, the social media advice, the strategic advice – into…Marketing Tips.

They’re essentially marketing tips from PF as a whole.

PF is becoming far greater than just me personally – which I’m thrilled about. We’re a creative team – of content writers, graphic designers, website builders, marketing managers, and more.

So you’ll still get marketing tips – but now these are expanded.

They’ll include advice from our whole team. Branding tips from Col, and social media tips from Ashley, and SEO tips from Tom, and on and on.

They’ll still come as Marketing Tips, still into your inbox every Friday.

No change there.

But to make sure you’re still getting something personal from me, I’m also going to write something new.

Karen’s Notes: Short, personal, with a sketchnote

Once a week (on Saturdays) I’m also going to send out shorter Notes, from me.

These notes will be shorter. Simpler. Thoughts about something that works, or an advert that made me think about how content works, or a story about something or someone I met that week.

And – this is my favourite part – I’m going to include a sketchnote with each one of them.

You may have seen some of the sketchnotes I’ve created and shared on social.

I love sketchnoting. It’s the single best way for me to creatively share what i’m learning at an event, in a meeting, from a book, whatever. (I even sketchnote sermons in church.)

Here’s an example.

Karen's notes sketch

If you’d like to be on the list for these – or you aren’t sure what  you’re opted in to and you want to confirm it – you can tell us here.

Most of all, I’d love to hear what you think, and what you love getting. That way, we can keep sending it!

Have a great Friday….and a great Saturday….and a great everything!

Karen L Reyburn