Jamie Engelhardt

Jamie Engelhardt

USA Client Marketing Manager

But for a 2-year stint in Southern California, I’ve lived in the Midwest United States my entire life. My favorite season is Fall, where you’ll find me warming by a campfire, wearing my favorite hoodie and sneakers, snuggled under a blanket with one of my three kids.

My passion for creativity started as a young child, where I could often be found free-handing Disney characters on sheet after sheet of notebook paper. Into early adulthood and beyond, I’ve continued to fuel my love of creativity through drawing, painting, and photography. I started my own small photography business in 2009 and continue to photograph families and weddings in my spare time.

In 2015 I began working for an accounting firm as an administrative assistant and quickly found more passion in marketing than I did in organizing virtual folders. After a year of working for the firm, I transitioned to the Operations and Marketing Manager. Spurred by a rebrand, I helped our firm find its voice and use that voice to curate content in an endless cycle of creativity. Now working for PF, I’m thrilled to help accounting firms find their own unique voice and partner with them to build a content marketing plan that works!

My personal pillars are:

My two core life values are Love and Vulnerability.

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