Daly Naughton

Daly Naughton

Content Writer

Growing up in Connecticut with my twin sister and older brother is when my love for storytelling really took shape. Whether it was conjuring fantasy lands in the backyard or dictating stories while my brother – the only one who knew how to type at the time – diligently took notes on our family desktop, I quickly learned the power of words and my imagination.

I studied English Literature and Creative Writing at a small, liberal arts college in Maine before moving across the ocean to Scotland. Now, freshly graduated from my Masters in Creative Writing, I’m proud to call Glasgow my home. If I’m not creating my own stories, you’ll find me lost in the pages of a book, or else lost in the beautiful scenery of my new home.

I have a loyal Black Labrador named Ollie who is always – and I mean always – by my side and together we love long walks in the park, hikes up hills, or dips into freezing cold lochs. There is nothing I love more than spinning beautiful images and ideas out of nothing but text on a page, and I’m so excited to do this alongside the brilliant accounting firms PF is so lucky to work with!

My personal pillars are:

My two core life values are Wholeheartedness and Growth.

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