Amy Reid

Amy Reid

Marketing Strategist

Hi there! I am the first ever Assistant Client Marketing Manager for PF… you heard it here first!

I’m a native of Scotland but recently returned from spending the best part of a decade in the U.S., having moved to California back in 2011.

I graduated from Long Island University in NYC studying Marketing. I played NCAA Division 1 field hockey at two universities, and was honoured to have been elected captain in my senior year. I’ve had the privilege of living in three different U.S. states and had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people along the way from various backgrounds and walks of life. I love connecting with new people and making them feel at ease in my company. I’m passionate about learning what truly makes others tick and what motivates them to wake up in the morning.

I pride myself on being a pretty goofy individual who loves quoting random movies and song lyrics. Most commonly you will hear me quoting Bridesmaids or Harry Potter or maybe even coming up with a song lyric that applies to the conversation I’m having at the time or the specific situation I am in.

I thrive when collaborating to help projects – and people – reach their potential. I’m excited to help you achieve the goals you have in marketing, your business and, ultimately, your LIFE! At the moment, my main goal is to learn within PF, allowing me to be the best at my job that I can possibly be. I’m on the CMM track to progress into this role in the future.

My personal pillars are:

My two core life values are Love and Authenticity.

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