Alice Butler

Alice Butler

Operations Director

I am a naturally positive & passionate person dedicated to living a fulfilled and balanced life. I live in a rural Somerset village, where I enjoy time with the community, time in nature and most of all time with my husband & kids!
I am a goal setter, project manager and diligent time-keeper; nothing satisfies or excites me more than the process of an idea coming to life! I see working in Operations as making dreams a reality; making the seemingly impossible, possible. I am here to make PF run with ease, for everyone here to work in their areas of expertise and, to create simplicity and excellence for clients and for all working at PF.

My skills & enthusiasm for systems & logistics weaves into my everyday life, whether it be a house renovation or a family trip you will also see me planning something!

When I am not busy with my family, work or projects you will find me relaxing with a good book, my journal or a meditation!

My personal pillars are:

My two core life values are Connection and Freedom.

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