Using a marketing campaign to successfully communicate the value of a price change

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At the heart of repricing is a clear understanding of your worth.

When you know exactly what your firm provides for each service, and you see the value of it from your clients’ perspective, the whole repricing process is much simpler.

Whether you are repricing individual clients, or increasing your firm’s fees across the board, it’s critical to plan the communications which will go to your clients.

You may have been considering this for some time, but keep delaying it. What if you upset or even lose clients? What if they don’t like the work you’re doing? What if there’s a net decrease and you rock the boat?

These are valid concerns and even fears: but it’s time to address them.

Join this FREE masterclass to get actionable ideas for a repricing campaign which helps your clients understand (and even be excited about) the value you deliver every day.

Marketing Campaigns for Accountants and Bookkepers

In this session led by Karen Reyburn and Stuart Lord you’ll:

• Identify what’s holding you back from repricing
• Be clearer in your mind about the worth and value you bring to clients
• Create a campaign to communicate this value in a way clients can understand
• Focus your repricing efforts so you keep the clients you really want to work with

Karen Reyburn

Karen Reyburn
Karen, founder and owner of PF, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has been working with accountants for over 20 years helping them create marketing that attracts clients and team members they love to work with. Over the last 10 years, she’s grown PF to a team of 20 creatives!

Stuart Lord - PF

Stuart Lord
Head of Sales and Client Growth at PF, Stuart loves listening to accountants and bookeepers, helping them find solutions to the challenges they face so they can get the results they need and want.

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