November 2021: Share a ‘thank you’ for your clients

I’m writing this while sipping my first festive coffee of the season… a Caramel Waffle Latte. Delicious.

This month was Thanksgiving for our clients and team members in the USA and with Christmas fast approaching (only 25 days to go!), we felt this was a good month to reflect on and share what it is we love about our clients and why we’re so thankful for you all.

You can also enjoy reading about Karen Kennedy’s marketing journey with PF so far in our newest case study! We’re thankful for clients like Karen who push themselves, and us, in order to attract clients who they can do their best work for.

If you need to understand more about who your ideal client is and what their problems are, then check out the details of the next Accelerator coaching group (starting 17th February 2022!).

I wish you all the best as you head into a busy December… you’ve got this!

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“It’s the people which make this job exciting”

Once a month we start our weekly team meet with ‘Recognitions’ and we recognise someone (team member or client) for living up to the PF values and pillars.

We usually focus more on the team, but this month we decided to focus entirely on our clients. All 13 of us shared specific things we were grateful for, and appreciated, about clients we love. We then wrote individually to each client to let them know they were recognised and for what specifically.

It was a great reminder to us of how important it is to share kind words when you think of them.

So here’s your encouragement to reach out to a few, or all, of your clients and share some reasons why you’re thankful for them. It can make a big different to their day and it’ll remind you of why you do what you do: to help people.

Here are some of the things the team shared:

  • “They’re a naturally kind and gracious person”
  • “They are genuine, caring and they really listen”
  • “I get inspired seeing how they document everything for their business. They’re always trying to do new things and be innovative.”
  • “I love how they don’t take everything we say as law, but respect it and collaborate with us on it.”
  • “They’re willing to get out of their comfort zone and create videos!”
  • “I love coming off calls with them, I feel way more energised after speaking to them.”
  • “They are open and transparent with us and share their thoughts because they care so much.”
  • “I light up when I see them and they make me feel good. I love their passion for what they believe in.”

We’re so thankful to work with clients we love. Tell your clients why you are too!



Start 2022 with the right marketing priorities

The PF Lab is almost a year old and we’re thankful for the great conversations we’ve had with our members: their input, feedback, curious questions and encouragement of each other.

The accountants who are in the Lab community have been exploring and experimenting with their marketing over the last year and learning about topics that go way beyond the typical “marketing topics”.

Lab isn’t solely about the online training sessions though, it’s the community of like-minded accountants who share ideas and wonderings, and it’s where we try new things and give you more access to the whole PF team (our designers, content writers, strategists).

In the spirit of why we created Lab, we’re going to keep experimenting too, which means new things for you. As of next year, your membership will also include:

  • Opportunity to book a 1:1 Momentum call with Karen for marketing therapy, direction in a particular area, or anything you want to talk about or get help with!
  • Live coaching element in every session including a featured accountant who is working through this topic in their firm
  • Exclusive resources for Lab members including practical tutorials, videos and “how to” guides
  • Access to the PF paid vault (includes checklists, worksheets, workbooks, templates)
  • Free copy & first access to Karen’s upcoming book “Accountant Marketer”
FREE for Lab members: in person event in Edinburgh, January 2022

We’re running a half day “Kick Start” get together for PF clients and Lab members in January 2022.

Joining Lab means you get exclusive access to this half day event, and there are no other fees beyond your travel to get there. We are looking at 19 January in Edinburgh, and all the details are in this video. We’d love to see you there!

(Here’s the link to join the PF Lab)



Sharing Your Stories: Karen, Kennedy Accountancy

This month we published another new case study all about Karen, founder and owner of Kennedy Accountancy, which shares Karen’s story of how she started her marketing journey in Accelerator before moving onto Foundations and then launched her new website earlier this month (you can check it out here)!

Karen was a hard NO on changing her well known brand. How going through Foundations changed her mind.

Karen Kennedy joined Accelerator just a few weeks after starting Kennedy Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services, or KABS for short. She learned all about the 12 steps of content marketing and reached her ideal client base in just three months. But, during the Accelerator Session on Branding, Karen started asking herself some hard questions. Mostly, did her current brand reflect her and her business? Did it speak to the ideal clients she was trying to attract?

Karen worried changing her brand would do more harm than good.

During Accelerator, Karen booked a one on one brand strategy call with Ash, one of PF’s Client Marketing Managers. She wanted some extra guidance about her marketing strategy, and also to discuss her resistance to changing anything about her name, logo, or brand.

“Everyone in the local area knew me as KABS. They knew my logo. I was still so new, I felt I shouldn’t be changing anything.”

There was also a personal element to Karen’s hesitation: she had worked with a friend to design her branding. She felt loyal to this friend, and worried they would be hurt if she decided to change it.

Nevertheless, Karen wanted to keep moving forward in her marketing journey. We assured her any changes to her brand would be entirely her choice to make, based on what was best for the clients she served. Karen knew her brand needed to be appealing to the businesses in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, and whilst she had concerns about change, she knew there was more to a brand than the name and logo. She needed to go deeper. After her brand strategy call, Karen signed up for Foundations to work more on her website and build a marketing plan in a series of five intensive sessions.

You can read Karen’s full story here!




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Accelerator: new group intake now open! Starts 17 February 2022

“I keep saying this but it really is the best hour and a half of my working week.”

We were grateful to receive these kind words from an Accelerator member last week. He’s been showing up week after week because he’s committed to making sure his marketing is helping him to work with more clients he loves.

There are now two ways you can through Accelerator: group or intensive. Here are the details you need:

Group Accelerator: 12 week group coaching to understand the structure of marketing, create content and get feedback.

Here’s what you get:

  • Onboarding session with the PF team
  • Active review of any content you create during the group
  • Opportunity to ask questions about how this applies to your firm
  • Live review & practical exercises during sessions
  • Exclusive to accountants only
  • One to one coaching session with Karen (founder)

You can sign up for the next group here!

Accelerator intensive: Same content as the 12 week coaching group, delivered individually to you by one of our Client Marketing Managers.

Here’s what you get:

  • Everything the group Accelerator members get


  • Your own dedicated Client Marketing Manager
  • Recordings of your own sessions
  • Your own dedicated Slack channel with the PF team
  • Weekly homework tailored to your firm and your marketing actions

If you aren’t sure which option is right for you and your firm, fill in our diagnostic form and tell us about your firm so we can work together to choose what’s right for you and your firm’s marketing.


New FREE Guide For Accountants!

How often do you wish you could just move your prospects from the enquiry stage straight to being a monthly retainer client. That would be the dream, right?

As you know, it doesn’t work like that.

You’re building relationships and trust with your clients and that takes time.

There’s a process and you can’t rush it.

We’ve created The Buyer Progression Model guide to help you understand the stages your buyer moves through and shows how your marketing needs to take into account EVERY stage of their journey.

It also includes examples of content you can be creating at every stage of the process!

You can download the guide FREE here.

That’s it from us for this month! If you want to get these monthly updates straight to your inbox, you can sign up here!