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Kick Start Onboarding

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get the campaign up and running?

Assuming you are committed, and set a little time aside to follow the instructions, you can have it done in a day. You will of course want to tweak the content and add your own videos, which will take a little longer, but you can do that as you go on.

What type of firm is the kit for?

This starter onboarding kit is for any firm who needs something to help you get going with onboarding. It’s ideal for those who (no matter your niche, size or location) don’t have any onboarding process, or it’s a very manual one.

I’ve never set up a process before, can I ask for advice if I get stuck?

Yes – please do! We want this onboarding campaign to work for you and make a huge difference to your firm. You’ll have an initial welcome call with one of the team, and a follow up call too.


How do I access the campaign kit?

It’s all there ready for you to access. As soon as you buy the kit you’ll be sent the access details and you can login 24/7.


Is the kit available globally?

100% yes. And applicable globally too – clients in every country want to know what’s going to happen as soon as they sign up with you, and they need amazing service from the beginning. You can access all the elements 24/7 and we’ll arrange your welcome and follow up calls to catch you on your time zone.

How long will I have access to the Kick Start kit?

Always! All the elements are added to a portal (called CustomerHub) and you’ll always be a member once signed up. Oh – and best of all we keep adding new things every few weeks. 

What if I don’t have a website built on WordPress?

Not a problem. WordPress has a lot of great integrations and is custom, which are some of the reasons we recommend it. But you can still build your landing pages on your own website – whether it’s Wix or RocketSpark or something else. As long as you (or your web team) can add pages, you have what you need.  The form template we provide is a Gravity Form so check if that integrates with your website platform. If not then just take the sample questions we’ve provided and build your own Fact Find in a tool like GoogleForms, or Survey Monkey.

I don’t have an email tool. Do I need one?

Yes you really do, especially as you grow. The email tool will let you brand your emails and impress those new clients! A good, basic one is MailChimp and it even has a free starter option.

Do I need to have professional videos done?

We give you some sample videos you can use. But to make the campaign truly represent your firm and your values, add your own. These don’t have to be the best videos in the world, but they do need to show your personality. You can even start with recording one on your phone. Ask the PF team for some blogs we’ve written on getting started with video (or use the search box on our blog page).

Can I update the elements myself as my process develops?

100% yes and we encourage you to do this. The content we provide is to get you started and to give you a working campaign to use: but your clients need and want to know who you are, so your content needs to sound like you.

What if I need more than just a starter kit?

If you find you’re pushed for time to get the campaign set up, or need help to tailor it all to you then you can upgrade. We also offer a Custom Onboarding Campaign, and if you’ve already bought Kick Start you can upgrade at any time.

Does the campaign link with any other systems like Senta or Karbon?

We will continue to add into the instructions more details on how to automate your emails and make sure everything triggers smoothly. Karbon, GoProposal and Quickbooks are in there now, and many more integrated systems will be added in future. Feel free to request one!

Will you be adding any more into the onboarding kit in the future?

Yes we will! But don’t let that hold you up with customising the starter content we’ll provide – that’s still your strongest tool for building that great relationship right from the start.

Can I change the design in the demo emails?

Yes you can change email designs – and we’d highly recommend adding your logo in, and showcase your branding. Tools like Canva are helpful, and so are free image sites (more about these in this blog). Oh – and now you get a free custom-made email header image (based on your brand and logo) when you sign up. 

Can I edit some of the questions in the Fact Find demo?

Yes, if some of the Fact Find questions don’t apply, you can edit or delete. Once you’ve uploaded the Gravity Form template you can edit the same way you do any other form on your website. Or if you’re not using the demo simply take the questions that apply to your firm and add them to your GoogleForm.

I really want to have an onboarding process but i don’t know if i’ll actually set it up. What do you recommend?

We still recommend getting the Kick Start and booking your welcome call with one of our Client Marketing Managers. If during that call you decide you’d like PF to do it for you, or get some custom help, you can upgrade then. We also have a Custom Campaign option.

I have an onboarding process for clients already, can I use this for onboarding new team members?

We’re currently developing a team onboarding kit to give you everything you’ll need to make sure you’re integrating new people into your culture from the start (just as you do with your clients now). We’ll keep you posted!

How much control do I get over editing the elements within the kit?

Full control over editing and changing. The kit includes both demo templates and separate content for every element that you can adapt to sound like you and then use. The email templates can be edited once you upload them to MailChimp: so you can add your logo and branding in the header image (and we encourage you to do that). The fact find form questions are customisable too, make it work for what you need from your clients.  And finally the website wireframe is a guide to show you what sections you’ll need to build the page.

Do I need to set it up all at once?

You don’t have to do everything at once: you can take it at your own pace. We encourage you not to lose momentum. Set a time to work on each element. You can access the portal 24/7 so there’s no limit. We’ll also be adding bonus things in (top secret just now) so it’s worth taking a look now and again.

Do I need to have a knowledge of HTML to be able to do this?

Simple answer is no. The instructions show you exactly what to do, and when you’re building your webpage you can use the ‘visual builder’. The demo form we give you also loads all the fields as you upload it to your website. Plus if you have any questions you can always ask us.