July 2022: Recognising the joy of in-person meet ups

I’m writing this fresh from my very first Xerocon! What an amazing few days myself (Steph), Camilla, Elaine and Karen had meeting up with clients, building new connections, listening to impactful speakers and soaking up the incredible accounting community. You can scroll down a little to see proof of how much we enjoyed ourselves!

This year there was a focus on leadership, culture, sustainability and brand. We were so proud to see Cheryl, founder of Pink Pig Financials, stand up and share how the work she’s done on her brand and having her team involved in the marketing of her firm has supported their growth as a result. Cheryl started her journey with PF in Accelerator and has had several team members do it since! You can read more below about the next coaching group intake which starts on 22nd September.

It’s been an exciting month of brand launches for our clients. Particularly, you can check out Revive Accounting’s and Fearless Financials’ launch animations further down this email. They are worth a look!

We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer holidays and you’ll hear from me again in August!

Xerocon 2022

Our team enjoyed lots about Xerocon this year and we agreed the highlight was getting to see people and have conversations IN PERSON. YAY! As a fully remote team, we really value any opportunity we get to spend time together and with our clients.

We kicked off our Xerocon with a PF Lab lunch in London where we got to enjoy amazing foods, have great conversations and really listen to how things are going for our clients in their firms. It really reminded us of the power of in person conversations because they help so significantly in building relationship and trust with clients.

The next two days we enjoyed more great conversations, thought-provoking sessions and had an amazing time at the party! We’ve come away with tons of ideas on what are clients are focusing on in their firms and how we can support them to do this through their marketing.

Until next year Xerocon!




Brand launch animations!

As our creative team continues to grow (we now have 3 Senior Graphic Designers and 2 Assistants!), so has the design services we’re able to offer our clients to help them visually communicate their values and expertise to the right kind of clients for them.

Revive Accounting and Fearless Financials both launched their new brands this month (more to come on this soon!) and our design team were super excited to work on brand launch animations for both Caroline and Gillian.

Here’s some ideas of where you can use your brand animation:

  • On your website
  • Post it across al your social media platforms (including YouTube)
  • Include it in your proposal to a prospect to help them connect with your brand faster
  • At events you’re exhibiting at or speaking at
  • Include it as part of your media kit for any sponsorships you’re involved in

If you’ve recently rebranded (or are wondering if you need to rebrand) and would like to learn more about PF creating you a brand animation, send us an email or message your PF Client Marketing Manager!

Watch Revive Accounting’s brand launch animation (1 min 7 secs):

Watch Caroline share her experience of rebranding her firm (Revive Accounting) with PF (2 mins 49 secs):

Watch Fearless Financials brand launch animation (1 min):

Join the September intake!

Accountants often share with us they already have some knowledge of marketing. You’re posting on social media, you’ve written a few blog posts, or maybe you update your website now and then.

You do random “marketing stuff” every few weeks or months. It’s reactive, not proactive and it stops the moment you get busy. This means you need to stir it up again every time, which takes more time, motivation and often means it doesn’t get done at all. And so the cycle continues.

You’re still getting leads which aren’t right for your firm. Then you and your team have to spend time filtering and getting to the very best leads for you. You figure getting more leads will solve this problem. This just means your team keeps doing work for clients they don’t love and who are a resource drain.

Accelerator has been crafted to help solve these exact problems for accountants.

The 12 sessions go in order, and build on each other. So by the end you understand how the different elements of marketing don’t stand alone. They work together and they integrate with everything you do in your firm (your systems, processes, hiring, team, sales) and when done well, they reflect exactly who you are and who you’re best placed to help so the right clients sign up faster.

Accelerator is learning and applying, together.

There’s time for specific questions, we dedicate 30 minutes each week to ask how your learnings apply specifically to your clients and team.

Accelerator doesn’t hold you back in marketing. It instead protects you from doing bits of marketing here and there and not making the progress you want to be which leaves you feeling deflated and frustrated by marketing.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then join the next coaching group starting on 22nd September 2022 (with an onboarding session before then). When you join before mid-August you’ll get some bonus stuff to help you get started!

PF Lab: resources for members

As a Lab member, you get access to join all the training and coaching sessions in the Lab community. Plus access to any session recordings you’ve missed!

You now also have access to exclusive Lab resources which our team create to help support your marketing efforts. These include:

  • Briefs to help you communicate what you want to create in your marketing (i.e. blogs, design, emails)
  • Tutorial videos to support your marketing actions (i.e. tracking your marketing numbers, Canva, Facebook Lives, SEO)
  • Checklists and templates to help you action your marketing (i.e. client case study and testimonials templates, rebrand checklist, new service checklist)

Here’s a reminder of the sessions coming up in August:

  • Action session: set your intention to work on one particular task on your list and actually work on it (10 August at 12:45pm BST)
  • 100 Day Video Challenge kick-off call: explanation of how it works and how it’ll help you get better at video

We’d love to see you there!

If you’d like to receive this monthly round up, and other free PF resources each month, sign up here!