shoot video on phone

How to record a video for your clients (or anyone) during coronavirus time

shoot video on phone

(A 10 point guide)

  1. Think of that question everyone keeps asking you
  2. Pull out your phone
  3. Hold it in front of your face
  4. Hit record
  5. Start talking
  6. Say everything you need to say on the subject, and then stop
  7. Press stop
  8. Hit the share button, and choose the social platform you use the most (or hate the least)
  9. Upload your video
  10. Press post

You are done. Congratulations. You’ve achieved what you’ve been avoiding (or fearing or worried about) for years.

Now bask in the gratitude of the clients and people who needed an answer to that question and have been helped by it.

Repeat as necessary.

(Oh – and if you’re on an actual computer you can use Loom which has the double benefit of letting you screenshare too. We use it all the time with our clients!)