Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanskgivingEvery year at this time, my marketing tip for the week is simply this:

Give thanks.

As a dual British-American citizen, the American Thanksgiving holiday is still one of my all-time favourite holidays, because it’s so simple.

You get together with family, you eat amazing food, and you thank God for all of it.

There’s no pressure. No gifts you feel obligated to give, no cards to hand out, hardly anything to decorate.  You have a huge meal, watch a football game, go for a family walk, watch a film.  It’s simple. It’s joyful. And it’s a reminder that the best things in life are not those we create ourselves, but those which have been given to us by a very kind and gracious God.

I’m not even going to draw any marketing tips from this.  Let’s keep it simple today.  Be thankful, and happy Thanksgiving – no matter where you are in the world.