Great Online Marketing Books You Should Read

As an accountancy firm moving into the new field of online marketing, you’ll want to make sure that you are doing the right thing, that this is the way forward and it will not only result in more business, but will improve profitability along the road.

Here are a few books about the power of online marketing that we have read, and would strongly recommend you look at.  Pick one, pick two, or order them all.  Lately I’m reading more on my ipad than “real”, paper-and-ink books, but that’s just formatting.  Whatever format you use, take in the new marketing, and then take action!

Bear in mind that books on specifics such as using Twitter, getting leads from Facebook, building your business on LinkedIn, are outdated as soon as (or before) they are published.  You may still benefit from them, but we’d recommend attending webinars, reading blog posts, and most of all just using these various social media engines so that you get comfortable with them.  Or attend an up to date online training like our LinkedIn Training for Accountants.

Click the image to go straight through to Amazon and buy the book – or download the free research study at the end.

Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

It’s not about having a big list, it’s about making sure that the people on your list are those who want to hear from you.  How to get permission in the first place, and then how to use it wisely as you market.


Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug

If you’re going to update your website, send emails, and make products available online, things should be easy to find and take action on.  Keep it simple, not complicated.



The Shallows: How The Internet is Changing The Way We Read, Think, and Remember by Nicholas Carr

Just as the printing press changed the world over 500 years ago, the internet has changed it again. Get into the head of your prospective clients by understanding what’s different – even from ten or twenty years ago (or longer) when you got into business.



Nice Companies Finish First by Peter Shankman

Yes, marketing has changed significantly – cutthroat is over, and collaboration is in.  Peter Shankman advocates being yourself, listening, helping, and generally selling less and in the process getting many more clients than you would otherwise!



Marketing Accounting and Financial Services Online: Research Study (FREE) by Hinge Marketing

Marketing accounting and financial services online Online leads are significantly more profitable to you, because when the system is done right, you spend much less time prospecting and the prospects come to you when they’re ready. This study of 500 firms identifies the massive opportunities available and how many accounting firms are still not taking advantage of them.  (So get going now before they all wake up!)


We’ll be adding to this list regularly, so start with these and come back again to this post soon!