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Your GoProposal custom pages

Help prospects connect with your firm faster

A nice looking proposal helps...but it's more than that. Because your brand, your marketing, your proposals are not for you. They're for the clients you want to work with. Appeal to them.

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Discovery call availability will be limited based on demand, and we encourage you to book early if you wish to start the conversation before Christmas. If you don’t get one of those spaces, we will add you to our waiting list for early 2022.

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Is this really what I need right now?

You have two options: a simple, templated process direct through GoProposal, or a strategised, custom process with PF. You’re not committing to anything by booking a discovery call, so we encourage you to get that booked in to explore what might help your proposals best. Do be aware PF is a creative agency, exclusive to accountants, and we create everything uniquely for your firm alone. We quote based on the requirements of the project, but you may be looking at a starting range of £495-£895 for your custom pages. This will vary depending on how clear your brand is, and how many pages you want. (Or you might even decide you need some other design first.) We look forward to talking with you!

Pages we've designed

Here are examples of GoProposal custom pages created for other accountants

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How branding impacts your proposals