golden ticket accelerator

Golden Ticket! Win a free space on the Accelerator

golden ticket accelerator

*Did you win a golden ticket code?? Use it here – remember it’s a one time use!*

This year, to recognise the immense effort being made by accountants all over the world to create content (particularly during these times), we are going to GIVE AWAY five free spaces on the 12 week Accelerator course.

This is our “flagship course” – the one that takes you through the structured approach of marketing specifically for accountants. The 12 sessions run in order, and what you learn about this order and why and how it works that way, will revolutionise your marketing. You’ll not only be creating content and getting it reviewed by the PF team, but you’ll set the foundation for actual delivered results. Read about how our Accelerator members are seeing their marketing numbers improve in a massive way even during this crisis.

There are two ways you can win this free space:

  1. Look out for the golden ticket: If you attended one of our Creativity events last year (Edinburgh, Manchester, or Belfast), we’ll be sending you a card in the post thanking you for coming. If there’s an extra creativity postcard in there with ‘golden ticket’ and a one time code…you’ve won!! You can have one free space on the Accelerator (or you can apply its value to the ‘team’ option and bring your entire team on to the Accelerator course).
  2. Share a video about why you’d like the free space: If you really want to join Accelerator but you weren’t at the creativity events, you can still win a free space. All you have to do is record a 3 minute video explaining why you’d like to be part of Accelerator, and how it would help you create more and better content for your firm. Here’s what to do:
  • Pick up your phone
  • Go to video, and press record
  • Tell us why you’d love to win the Accelerator free space (and what you think it would do for you)
  • Keep it around 3 minutes
  • Post your video to the PF Marketing Community facebook group

That’s it! Simples. No perfection, no retakes required. Just share your thoughts with us by video by the end of day Friday 24th April.

Please note: If you do want to join Accelerator but are not in need of a free ticket (and would rather leave it to another accountant who needs it), you can sign up directly rather than applying for the free space.

If you have no idea what Accelerator is, you can read about the course here.