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Free Marketing Masterclass

Overcome the barriers all accountants face

This masterclass has been designed to help you triumph over the issues that often prevent accountants from getting true ROI in marketing.


And there’s a big difference.. it’s for EVERYONE in the accounting firm. The owners/partners, your in-house Marketing Manager or team, and any accountants! You’ll get the most out of it when everyone attends together.


What's covered?

Dive into the top 4 challenges accountants face with marketing:
Return on investment
Return on investment

What is the return on investment for content marketing? How do you measure it and how long does it take? When you understand how ROI truly works, you'll get a better return.

Marketing buy-in
Marketing buy-in

Accountancy firms typically have either one person or a small team for marketing - or else it falls to the owner or partners. What we've found is that when your entire team buys into this, your return increases exponentially.

Getting it done
Getting it done

When you think about why you're not getting marketing done, "time" seems to be the reason. It's not. There are small things you can do that will help you and your team actually get marketing done: and it starts with this session!

Building a marketing team
Building a marketing team

Your ultimate goal is to bring marketing truly in house, like the best businesses do. But how does this process work? What if you're not ready to hire a marketer yet? How do you get there? We'll take you through the journey step by step.

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If you're a woman in finance...I wouldn't miss this conversation. April 16th at 9 am PST. DM me for an invite or join us here: Retweeted by PF