Global marketing support for accountants

Calling all US accountants: marketing help is coming your way!

Global marketing support for accountantsExciting PF news! We have a new team member starting in the US on Monday 7th of August!  This means we’ll be able to offer our US clients more webinars at a US friendly time, more topics which are US focused and lots more advice.

The Profitable Firm has always found that the marketing principles we preach are useful for accountancy firms anywhere in the world – and thanks to our virtual, remote working, we’ve been able to serve clients in Australia, New Zealand, the US, and Canada (as well as the UK and Europe). View the PF team map.

Within the past year, we’ve started to get more and more accounting firms from the US who want to work with us. We’re working with firms in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Arizona, California, and more!

Time zones, remote working, and communication have never been an issue: and the marketing principles apply no matter where you are in the world. But everything we do for the firms we work with is custom, and it’s important to us that we have someone “on the ground” in the States who speaks your language. So to speak.

(As you know, our managing director Karen Reyburn is originally from Arizona, but she’s been in the UK for sixteen years. Things have changed a bit, including her tendency to use words like “colour” and “aluminium”.)

And we’re excited that we can now even better  support our US clients on your chosen time zone.  It’s great to know someone’s around when you are: and takes the holidays you take, too! (Memorial Day…Labour Day…er…Labor Day…!)

So here she is: Jill Zozula, our new US Client Manager!

Jill brings a huge amount of accounting firm experience with her: she has spent 12 years working as Marketing Manager for two successful firms in California. On top of that she’s really lovely. And helpful. And is a huge fan of cupcakes (if you feel like a little bribe).

If you’d like to connect with Jill beforehand here are her Twitter and LinkedIn profiles:


We want to make sure we make the most of this opportunity and welcome your input on how we can do more for you in the US.

Take the US survey!

Don’t worry if you’re not in the US!

It’s also great news for all PF clients and accountants who read our blogs, download free content and join our webinars. More team resource will let us produce even more content for you – content that is not  only relevant for the US but accountants globally.

And who knows where our next global client manager will appear. Australia? New Zealand? We look forward to every new chapter!