Bite size Q&A: Build your audience and leads using Crowdfire App

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We run a live Social Marketer Q&A session every month!  Here’s a quick actionable area to focus on from the latest session.

What is Crowdfire App?

Crowdfire App is one of the tools we use to generate leads and build up a targeted audience. It’s very powerful and a lot of our Social Marketers are trying it out.

Crowdfire App

Auto direct mail

You can use the Crowdfire tool to set up automatic direct mail messages that will be sent out to people who follow you. It’s a really nice personal touch and a good opportunity to share your firm’s services.

To activate this just draft the message you’d like to send, and save. It will then be sent to any new connections going forward, not historical connections.

It’s very important you provide value (and do not sell) to people first as it will most likely annoy them and you’ll be unlikely to get results.

Only send out targeted messages to people you choose to follow and who agree to follow you back (because they like what you do). The next step is naturally to start a conversation with them.

It’s similar to email marketing: if you have a newsletter you wouldn’t manually send it one by one, you’d use a system.

With Twitter we could manually message individual people, however technology lets us automate this step as well. Is they want to chat then great but if not that’s fine too.

How do I keep track of people I’ve followed on Twitter, then unfollowed? So I don’t follow them again when they appear in my search.

When building up your target audience it’s important to track who follows you back and who doesn’t.  Only people who follow you will see your posts directly, so unfollow anyone who doesn’t follow you back after a few days to maintain a high-quality, engaged audience.

On rare occasions, you may end up following someone you’ve previously unfollowed since you’ll be continually building up your connections.  

One way we try to avoid this is by using the free FollowerWonk tool to search for different audiences.  For example you can type in MDs, based in the UK and you’ll then have a list to work your way through. Once you finish that list, try a new search based on CEOs in the UK or even go really specific and search for a specific city or location.

Keep in mind that even if you do follow someone you didn’t intend to, it’s not the end of the world.

Although we used to use Crowdfire App and Followerwonk for ourselves and clients in the beginning, we now have invested in more advanced and sophisticated software to research and find targeted people to follow and ensure that we don’t follow the same person more than once.

However, this software is expensive (starting from £450 a month) so if you want to really ramp up your Twitter audience and lead generation – we recommend you do it through us, as we have a partnership with the software company, and can do it all for you – including reporting – for only £395/month. Saving you time and money. Otherwise, doing it yourself using Crowdfire App and Followerwonk will be your best option for now.

If I follow someone on Twitter and they thank me for following them, does that mean they are following me back?

When you start to find people on Crowdfire, sometimes people will instantly follow you back just to send you a message then unfollow you right away. Wait two days or more then you can unfollow them if they didn’t follow you back.

Do you have other social media questions?

If you’ve got any questions you’d like us to answer, feel free to get in touch on Twitter or through our Profitable Firm slack channel.