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Breakthrough Sessions

Deep dive. One topic. Decision made.

The point is breakthrough: pushing past whatever is holding you back in that one area of marketing.


The idea came from our Accelerator members, who loved the 12 week course but wanted to go deeper on just one area. Sign up for a mini-course individually, or join the PF Lab and get access to all of them, every month!


Current breakthrough sessions

Current breakthrough sessions

26 January 2021 – Hiring breakthrough
17 February 2021 – Blogging breakthrough
19 February 2021 – Video breakthrough
March 2021 – Social media breakthrough
April 2021 – Brand breakthrough
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Hiring breakthrough

Struggling to recruit or to find good candidates? Want to make sure you don’t lose time, money, and client relationships by hiring the wrong person?

In this breakthrough you’ll learn how to build a hiring process to attract team members with the skills AND culture fit. You’ll cover:

  • Values: hire and fire by them. How they’re documented and communicated, how you check against them in hiring and post-hire, and how to incorporate all this into your hiring process.
  • Testing: can they REALLY do the job? Build your process so you’re not taking the applicant at their word – or qualification, or degree – but making sure they have the skills they need.
  • Post Traumatic Employer/Employee Stress Disorder (PTESD).  Hiring mistakes are frustrating, painful, and expensive: but they are your best teacher when you really listen and dig deep.
  • “Marketing” to potential team members: Follow the  same principles as attracting the right clients. Know your values and communicate them; design and display a process so it’s clear; share content which is appealing to the right kind of person; and follow the process no matter what (rather than simply following your gut!).
Starts January 2021: book today

Social media breakthrough

How can you and your team use social media well?

In this Breakthrough you’ll learn:

  • Platform: Which social media platforms do you need to use? What if you don’t like them? What if it’s exhausting – how do you keep up? We’ll also talk about personal v company (which one to post from).
  • What to say: How do you be yourself and not that annoying fake “social media person” you dread? Small things you can do (such as focusing on others’ posts first rather than your own) to build visibility, and involving your team
  • All the details: How do you and your team share on the various socials, including hashtags, length of posts, video, images, and automation options.
  • ROI: Is it really worth it? Will you get a return for all the time you spend? Are there better things you can be doing? How do you track results of your social media efforts?
Starts March 2021: book today

Brand breakthrough


Your brand = you + who you serve

In this Breakthrough we’ll cover:

  • Culture & values
  • “Your brand is not for you”: How to make sure your brand is appealing to the right people
  • Keep it simple: Why “really clever” design work actually holds you back
  • Brand changes: How to decide whether it’s time for a logo refresh, name change, rebrand, website update
Starts April 2021: book today

Website breakthrough

Updating your website seems like a major task. We simplify it down to the four core areas:

  • Brand first! (Your website’s job is to reflect your brand)
  • Client journey: What’s your process, unique to you? In what order do YOUR buyers buy (different from other firms)?
  • Look & Feel: The golden trio of design, content, strategy
  • Techy stuff: Website platforms, calls to action, SEO, lead generation
Starts May 2021: book today

Niche breakthrough

Choosing a “niche” makes you feel like you have to pick an industry: but it’s more than that. Knowing your audience is core to every single part of your marketing. The more vague you are about who you want to reach, the less likely you’ll reach anyone fast.

  • Niche: DO you have one? CAN you have one? Do you need one? (Hint: you may not)
  • Values: How do you make sure you get clients who think & act like you do? (ie not the annoying or difficult ones)
  • Problems: What kind of issues does this audience face, and how will all your marketing address those?
  • Stories: Make your intended audience the hero (not you). Tell their stories, not yours.
Starts June 2021: book today

Video breakthrough

You can’t get better at video until you actually get started. And keep going. If you keep saying, “I will do more video. I WILL! …” and then don’t, this is for you.


  • Who & where & why: The three questions which will change your approach to video (and make it easier). Who is watching your video? WHERE are they watching them? And WHY do they need to watch them?
  • What do you actually say? Use an actual method of preparation which will feel more comfortable every time you use it.
  • What’s holding you back? Go deep into the real reasons you’re not recording video. The small things – thoughts or beliefs or experiences – which when put in the right perspective, will change your entire approach to video.
  • Publish & share: Once you’ve actually recorded a video…Now what? Where does it go? How do people find it? Go into the tech and details (it’s not as much as you think) to add confidence and help you hit publish.
Starts February 2021: book today

Blogging breakthrough

Writing content and publishing it in the form of blogs and articles can be the simplest and most powerful thing you do for your accounting firm.

But how do you get started? What if you’re not used to writing? What if you want your team to write blogs, but they’re not too keen?

This breakthrough is for you.

One of our members says, “Spoke to a potential client today who contacted us SPECIFICALLY because of our blogs!! He quoted some of our comparison blogs and said that’s the service he needs. He is not speaking to anyone else. He is our target niche. This makes me so happy!!!.”

Starts February 2021: book today

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Accelerator helped me learn the skill of digging underneath the surface problem to get to the real issues my clients are facing. I never would have got this far with my marketing – I just didn’t understand it and what you don’t understand, you are scared of. Confidence in marketing is a huge thing and I feel a lot more confident now. In fact, Accelerator has made me more confident as a business owner full stop. I’m still learning and I don’t think that will ever stop. Going through Accelerator has cemented what I need to do next, and taught me how to use all of this in my marketing.

Cheryl Sharp
Cheryl Sharp

Pink Pig Financials

It forced me to start tracking my marketing activity. I can see a steady increase in website page views as I continue to share 2 blogs per month, answering questions people ask.

Toni Cameron
Toni Cameron

TL;DR: Accounting LLC

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