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Branding workshop

Make a decision on a brand change

For anyone who is considering any kind of brand change (logo, firm name, colours, fonts) or you want an opinion on what your brand says to the world, start here to help you make a branding decision.

Col Gray

Col Gray

Head Brand Designer

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Karen Reyburn

Karen Reyburn

Founder & MD, The Profitable Firm

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Why do I need to start with a workshop?

The branding workshop is for anyone who is….

  1. Not sure what messages your brand gives to prospects
  2. Thinking of changing your firm name , or wondering if that’s a good idea
  3. Looking around at other firms’ brands and thinking they are better
  4. Realising your “brand” is something that was thrown together a few years ago and hasn’t been properly strategised

We work one-on-one with you over video, and we’ll help you come to a branding decision for your firm. For those who decide to work with PF, your entire workshop fee can be applied to the next branding project.

We have a waiting period of 2-4 weeks for these right now, so if you’re keen, get in there soon! If you’d like to lock in a date that’s further out, pay a deposit now.

Get the experts' opinion

Your workshop fee includes:

Get to a decision on brand change

Ultimately, you want to know – is it time for a change? Do you need a new logo, or can the current one be updated?

Online sessions to suit your schedule

We’ll either have two 1.5 hour sessions, or three 1 hour sessions – depending on how the conversation goes! This gives us plenty of time to work through your existing brand, and changes you may want to consider.

Get understanding about what impact your brand has (or doesn’t have)

Standing out as an accountancy firm (amongst the many) means being crystal-clear about who you are, what you stand for, and who you serve. We’ll talk about whether your current brand shows that visually, and what to do if it doesn’t.

Brainstorm a name change (if you want to)

Many firms have a traditional name, or one that you threw together without thinking much about it. We can also explore a name change option, if you like. If you love your name, we’ll talk about how it reflects who you are, and who you serve.

Feedback from previous workshops

I’m thrilled that tomorrow is the first session of the Accelerator. I spoke to Karen the owner the other day and she’s already given me some great ideas to think about to improve my firm’s marketing.

What I really like is that The Profitable Firm provides marketing ideas that an accountant can actually implement versus focusing solely on more theoretical marketing concepts that may never be put into action.

Kevin Cooper
Kevin Cooper

Founder and CEO

We joined the Content Marketer and the Social Marketer because we were beginning the process of changing our accountancy firm completely: a new firm, a new brand, name, and logo, a new website, and new leadership. These programmes have taken us step by step through everything we need to get right from the beginning.

Karen and David Aston
Karen and David Aston

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Branding is core to every other marketing decision you will make. Figure out what yours needs to be so you’re not held back on the rest of your marketing!

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