I don’t want to change my firm name. Do I have to?

Firstly, you don’t “have” to do anything. We’ll guide and advise you based on our experience of working on branding for accountants over the past 10+ years, but the choice will always remain yours. As part of Foundations, we’ll review your brand together and decide whether you need a naming workshop as part of your brand project. This will depend on what you share with us about your values, your goals, your ideal audience, your services, your process etc.

Who will I work with?

You’ll have a dedicated CMM who you will have worked through your Foundations workshop with and they will be the leader of your brand project too. All work we do at PF is a team effort so behind the scenes, you’ll have our Head of Branding, our Creative Studio team and all other CMMs working together on your project.

Who do I involve from my firm?

Any partners or directors who will be involved in the decision making must be part of the brand process (and will have been a part of Foundations). Having them present from the beginning means they’ll be part of the strategy and will better understand the whole process. If you don’t involve key decision makers from the start, you’ll cause yourself more problems for yourself down the line.

How can I get my team on board with our new brand?

You may be thinking about involving your whole team in the process. We don’t recommend this. The more people you have in the branding process, the harder it will be to come to a decision. To help get your team on board with your new brand, you need to make sure your firm’s values are felt across the team, they understand your brand story, they understand the firms’ tone of voice and help them get comfortable with your new brand. You can read more about this in this blog: How to launch a new brand internally in your accounting firm.

How long does it take?

We commit to a brand project taking 8-10 weeks. This does depend on a couple of things on your end: providing us with feedback within the agreed timeline and whether you reschedule arranged meetings.
We will work with you to ensure your project is completed within the timeline you agree with your Marketing Strategist at the start, and there is a responsibility on both our side and yours to keep to that timeline.

How do I know if I need a new brand?

This question will be answered for you in your Foundations which is one of the main reasons why you go through it before starting your brand project. If you’re asking yourself this question, then you likely have doubts about your brand. Is it reflecting you as authentically as possible? Is it reflecting your values and the way you run your firm? Is it appealing to your ideal audience, those clients you’d love to work with? You’ll dig deeper into these questions in your Foundations, and from there you’ll be guided on whether a rebrand is the next best step for you. If you’d like to tell us more about your current brand, you can fill in our diagnostic.

What do you need from me?

Nobody knows your firm like you do. You have the knowledge and story behind your business so you will need to be actively involved and present in your brand process. We bring our expert brand and marketing knowledge and experience. Together, we’ll make a great team. We’ll need you to live up to the PF values throughout the branding process:

1. Collaboration: You’ll participate in discussions, share ideas and feelings (of all kinds.).

2. Opinion: We don’t want you to simply agree to be agreeable. We want your honest opinion and feedback so we can create the very best brand for accounting firm.

3. Transparency: your branding project will be an emotional experience. It’s exciting and fun, but it can also be challenging and confusing. We want to create a space where you can share your honest emotions, both positive and negative.

4. Graciousness: You might feel a little frustrated or overwhelmed at times and we want to work through that with you.

5. Positivity: We encourage you to look for the good when dealing with the challenges of a brand project.

6. Responsibility: You will take ownership of your brand and be actively involved in the process.

How much does a brand project cost and what does that include?

A brand project starts at £9,995+VAT. Your project will be custom to your accounting firm and so your project may look different to someone else depending on what you need. A brand project with PF can include a naming workshop, a full rebrand, a brand book and a brand launch package. Depending on the outcome of your Foundations workshop, you’ll discuss with us which options are best for you and your firm.

I know my brand isn't great, but can I still get leads with it?

Yes, you can still get leads. But the question is, what kind of leads? How ideal are they? Your brand is a reflection of your firm, and your firm changes over time: you become clearer on your ideal client, your team grows and you take on different types of work. These changes need to be reflected in your brand. If they aren’t, you’re marketing with an outdated brand which doesn’t reflect your ideal audience.

All your questions answered?


Spend 5-10 minutes filling in our diagnostic form so you can share a little about you, your firm, and where you are in your marketing journey.