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Top 8 benefits of a remote working role

Remote working at PFAt PF we’re a virtual company with our team spread globally. We all tune in each day via Slack, Basecamp and Zoom.

I’ve just returned to my role as Marketing Manager after being off on maternity leave. It really is fantastic to be back: although I miss little Freyja, it’s exciting to see the new client websites and the marketing that’s been launched. It got me thinking how much I value working remotely as it gives me the perfect work/life balance. Plus the PF team are a lovely bunch!

If you’re considering working in a remote role check out my thoughts below.

Benefits of remote working:


1. Flexibility

This is hands down one of the biggest benefits I find being able to work remotely. I can manage my workload along side my family.  When i’ve got a lot on and deadlines to meet i’ll start early or finish late, while still being able to drop my children at nursery. Or if they are sick I can keep them home and still do my work.

There’s no way I could do this if I was office based.

On the other hand if we’re attending Accountex or hosting a webinar i’m happy to find a work around for those days since PF are so flexible with me.

2. Work from anywhere

As long as I have wifi I can work anywhere, from a coffee shop or a remote Scottish island! This is ideal for me as I often visit family in Tiree and I work while i’m there. With Xero and a lot of the related apps being accessible anywhere, anytime it’s opening up how some firms also do business so you might be surprised at the remote positions that crop up. Here’s just a couple of examples:

Walsh Accounting

Black Sheep Accountants

3. No commute

Another big one. I don’t waste any time sitting in the city traffic, or waiting on a train. Instead I use this time to get stuck into work or to get a quick morning run in. This helps mentally, and a positive start to the day is great for everyone.

4. Much more productive

We all know how distracting it can be in a busy office.. the phone ringing, background noise and people coming to ask you something when you’re trying to focus. You don’t have that with remote working.

That’s where it comes into its own. The full PF team are contactable throughout the day and use Slack to chat, but if someone needs to focus there’s no harm in ‘going dark’, then check back in.

Yes at home you may get interrupted by the door bell or get a call, but it’s your choice whether to answer and how to spend your time.

There’s a lot of trust put in someone who works remotely. Put thoughts of binging on Netflix to the side, and follow clear parameters to ensure that you get the work done. If it’s not, it’s fairly obvious.

5. Work for a forward thinking company

Most firms that offer remote working, or some form of it are fresh, tech savvy and strive to keep at the forefront. Just look at Xero.

Being remote encourages us to keep trying new software and tools to make our roles even better. I love this, and it helps us attract accounting firms who want to be in that space and cause a stir.

We also partner with some pretty cool companies with similar structures and values.. like Rocketspark and CMA.

6. Location is no barrier

We do have a base in Manchester we can use but if my role was based there I wouldn’t have applied. Being remote opens up the role completely. It gives PF and future employees a much wider search area, with brighter options.

7. Communication

Communication in a remote role is much more efficient than in a traditional environment. If I have a question I pop a message in Slack or Basecamp and the team can respond either right away or say when they’ll come back to me. It avoids meetings for the sake of meetings, giving you that time to work. We also have an urgent channel just in case!

We do meet in person every few months, and for things like brainstorming a new programme or how to help a firm understand a new hot topic (like GDPR) this is the best way. When it comes to day to day work, remote wins hands down.

8. Loyalty

The opportunity to balance my work and life has given me a lot of loyalty to PF and the team. I’m grateful for a fun, exciting role and to work with accountants as part of a great team.

This increases productivity, which within any industry is only a good thing.

Do consider if it’s a fit for you.

Before I applied for my role at PF I had worked remotely while in Australia, with my boss based in New Zealand. Then on an adhoc basis while in other roles so I knew i’d enjoy it. But it’s not for everyone.

You need to be a self starter, happy to work alone without feeling isolated, and be able to keep yourself on track through the day.

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