“Benchmarketing”: Compare Your Accountancy Firm Marketing To Other Firms

accounting firm marketing auditWant to compare your accountancy firm marketing with other, similar firms?

The Profitable Firm are far from the only ones out there helping and advising accountancy firms, so here’s something from someone else who helps accountants, too.

My friend Paul Shrimpling of Remarkable Practice is offering a “marketing audit” that will allow you to compare your accountancy firm marketing to that of other, similar firms – what I like to call a benchmarketing opportunity!

When there are over 100 responses, the results will be made available – and Paul is about halfway there. Interestingly enough, Paul says that already over 60% of responses indicate that the accountancy firm won less than 4 new clients in the past year thanks to their website.  Paul says, “Accountancy firms are winning work through other marketing, but why should these firms be so poor when other firms are generating more than 20 new clients thanks to their website? Clearly there’s a difference in website capabilities, and the marketing support that drives traffic to accountancy firm websites.”

It’s a quick, simple questionnaire to complete – takes about 5 minutes – and once you’ve submitted it and all the responses are in, you’ll be able to compare your accountancy firm marketing results with those of other accountancy firms, from sole practitioners up to 13 partner firms.

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And we’ll keep you posted on results!