Behind the scenes of our social media programme for accountants


We launched The Social Marketer programme last week – yay!  

An amazing first project to work on

This is my first start-to-finish project since becoming part of the growing Profitable Firm team and it’s been really enjoyable. I just wanted to share some of the things I’ve loved about getting this live!

  • Amazing applicants! To join the programme you first have to apply, and let us know why you want to join. I know we already work with innovative, fun accountants but some of the applicants took this to another level. We had pretty tempting ‘bribes’ along the way… like huge chocolate cakes and even cocktails! It was even more exciting to see these come from all around the world, so the Social Marketer is a true global programme. (And great to see how many cool accountants are out there!)
  • New technology.  We love to try new things at The Profitable Firm. I come from quite a corporate background, where it wasn’t so easy to try brand new tech and give it a go. So working on this social media programme was a real treat. We used Leadpages to build specific landing pages, built custom Infusionsoft campaigns, I got more involved with our own social media and created an infographic based on our own survey surrounding social media for accountants. (Keep an eye out for this graphic coming your way soon!)
  • All our members have a drive to learn. They’ve stepped out of their comfort zone to take their marketing to the next level, and drive the right type of prospects to their firm – and I can’t wait to see their results.

So what’s different about the programme?

We knew The Social Marketer needed to be different, and we knew it had to add real, practical value for accountants looking to take their first steps in the heady world of social media.

And we’ve come up with a programme that from what I can see, really does stand out from the crowd:

  • Super quick, step-by-step videos. I reviewed the videos and even learned some new tips myself about social media, including how to speed up some daily tasks and the best new tools to use in our own marketing. To me, that really pointed out just how much can be done with social. The videos are all short (2-5 minutes) so it’s really easy to take in the detail.
  • 24/7 access, from any country. Every member has a log-in to the portal to watch the videos at a time that suits them (adding to the overall flexibility and convenience of online learning).
  • Ever evolving. Social media is so fresh, and always developing. The Social Marketer videos cover the very basics, right through to complex targeting. More will come, so the programme is always current. And the moment there’s a change to a social platform, we’ll have a video on how to handle this.

We hold monthly Q&A sessions as part of the programme and I can’t wait to get feedback, hear people’s initial thoughts and help out our members with their questions.
I’m very lucky to be involved, and helping to evolve this programme. So, come on accountants, let’s get social.