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April 2023: Turning celebrations into quality content

April’s PF marketing update brings the accounting world season of awards. It’s been brilliant to see some of our clients among those being recognised, here you’ll find some help on how to share your amazing achievement in your marketing!

We too have had some celebrations at PF over the last few months, with three of our team members being promoted into new roles and excitement over our first in-person event of the year. WOOP!

PF marketing

Sharing your success in your marketing

Congratulations to all the incredible individuals who have won awards over the past month, including a few of you reading this! It was incredible to see one of our clients Georgi (co-owner of Starfish Accounting) win Xero’s MVP award. An incredible recognition for the inspiring work Georgi does for the industry.

If there’s one thing we know about working with accountants, it’s that you can be too humble sometimes. You and your team spend every day helping your clients to do big things in their businesses and lives and yet, it can be hard to show this sometimes.

Winning an award is a perfect opportunity for you to share recognition of your work, without feeling like you’re simply “showing off”. You have a lot of supporters who love having the opportunity to celebrate you and your success: team members, clients, strategic partners, other accountants and bookkeepers.

Here’s a few ways you can talk about your award in your marketing:

  • Share what the award means to you, personally. Use this as an opportunity to show more of your human side in your content. The focus is less on “this confirms I’m great at what I do” and more “this recognition encourages me to keep pushing the boundaries and making positive changes in my industry.”
  • Congratulate other winners. This likely feels a lot more comfortable than talking about yourself! Tag other winners in social posts, or send them a private message congratulating them on their win.
  • Write a blog post. What was the entry process like? What did you focus on in your entry submission? What motivated you to enter in the first place? Tell the story of your experience and share it on your website and in social posts.
  • Record a video. You could record some video on the actual awards night and stitch together a short round up and/or you can record a video with your thoughts about the award and what it means for your firm and clients.

These are just some ideas to get you started and you can read more in our ‘We’ve won an award. How do we shout about it without showing off?’ blog post!

And if you have won an award recently, let us know and we’d love to share your success with the world!


Kick Start Content Guide

As a content marketing agency, we live and breathe content on a daily basis. And yet, we recognise this isn’t the case for you as accountants, who are instead focused on the important work you do for your clients day after day.

That’s why we’ve created the Kick Start Guide! It’s your detailed list of the content you as an accountant or bookkeeper most need to create based on:

  1. The categories of content your prospects most WANT
  2. The content most accountants are missing

This guide is for every accountant and bookkeeper who:

  • Has a lot of marketing actions you’d like to work on, and aren’t sure what the highest priority is
  • Gets distracted by all your ideas and struggle to finish good content
  • Has clients who need more services from you but aren’t buying those yet
  • Finds yourself repeating the same content over and over again

You can use this guide to understand what content is valuable to create first, and get help actually creating it.

The guide is FREE for all PF Lab members and clients, or if you’re not yet either, you can pay £99+VAT for your copy of this 53-page guide! You also have the option to bolt-on accountability coaching calls with one of our team and they’ll help you to make the most progress and get as much out of the guide as you can.

Here’s the form to download your guide!

If you’re a PF client or Lab member, drop us an email and ask us for the coupon code for your free copy!

PF marketing

Erin promoted to Senior Content Writer!

Since joining our team as a writer, Erin has impressed both us and our clients with her incredible skills and creativity. Her favourite thing about being a content writer is finding the best and most impactful words and using them to send the right message. Well done Erin!

team member

Amy promoted to Client Marketing Manager!

It’s been a joy to watch Amy grow into the Client Marketing Manager role in the 2 years she’s been at PF. The care she shows for her clients, combined with her creativity helps Amy thrive when collaborating with our clients to help them to reach their potential. Keep up the amazing work, Amy.

Chryzia promoted to Head of Design!

As one of our longest standing PF team members, Chryzia has seen PF and our clients through many different seasons of change. As the design team has grown, Chryzia has stepped up as the leader and is now officially our Head of Design! We’re so excited to see her bring her creativity and innovative ideas to her new role.

team member

If you’ve got a promotion within your team to celebrate, or a new person has recently started with you, celebrate and share the exciting news in your content!

PF Lab LIVE on 7 June in Central London

We’re really excited to be running our second PF Lab LIVE event and this time it’s going to be in Central London on 7th June 2023! This half-day event gives you an opportunity to step outside your normal working space, meet other accountants, work through ideas and get help from multiple PF team members.

The theme of the event is ‘Using storytelling in your marketing’ and most specifically how it helps:

  1. To simplify your message
  2. Speed up your buyers buying decision

There’ll be a variety of sessions throughout the day including breakouts, action sessions and an opportunity to learn from our Senior Content Writer, Erin and Marketing Director, Steph.

If you’re in the PF Lab or are a PF client, then this event is free for you to attend. Just send us an email saying “Yes to Lab Live”!

If you’re not yet a client or Lab member, you can join us for the event for a small fee of £99+VAT and here’s the form to book your space!

Venue details and final timings coming soon!


That’s everything from us for this month! If there’s a question we haven’t answered yet, or you’re not sure where to find it, just let us know and we’ll look after you. And keep up the really great work.

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